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Texas McCombs Kira Video Interview

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

Texas McCombs Kira Video Interview

The Kira video interview is an online video interview platform that a number of business schools, notably Texas McCombs, have utilised to evaluate potential students’ communication abilities, thoughtfulness, and overall compatibility with the programme.

The Texas McCombs School of Business is always looking for new methods to improve the application process for prospective MBA students. As part of the admissions process for the school year 2022-23, they included a dynamic video evaluation component as an alternate approach to the more traditional format of the essay and interview. This was done in accordance with the mission and values of their institution. 

Important Points

  • MBA candidates will have enhanced access to the application process given that all applicants will be required to complete the video evaluation. Additionally, MBA candidates will have the option to share their stories with them in their own voice.  Beyond a CV, test scores, and transcripts, the admissions committee will have the opportunity to see the “real” you through the video evaluation that you will have to provide. 
  • Lastly, the video assessment will help Texas McCombs to decrease bias in the admissions process by providing a systematic and consistent assessment experience for all applicants. This will be made possible by the use of the video assessment.
  • Soon after submitting their application and paying the associated fee, all applicants will be expected to finish the Video Assessment that is required of them. 
  • Once they have received access to the site for video submission, applicants have a total of seven days to finish the evaluation. 
  • The applicants have one minute and ninety seconds to respond to each question prompt, and there will be a total of four question prompts. 

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Texas McCombs’ MBA Frequently Asked Kira Video Interview Questions

  1. Share a story with us about a time when you might have used some extra help. How did you go about asking for assistance? 
  2. Tell us about a time when you were forced to make a decision that was outside the norm. How did you manage to win over the rest of your team? 
  3. Share with us an experience in which you were required to adjust to a new way of working, culture, or surroundings. 
  4. When was the last time you did something that was outside of your normal routine or comfort zone?
  5. Do you feel that the fulfilment of social responsibility should always take precedence over the pursuit of financial gain? If not, then why not? 
  6. In your opinion, which of the challenges that modern technology has brought upon us is the most significant? 
  7. Why do you desire a master’s in business administration? 
  8. What attracts you to McCombs’ MBA programme specifically? 
  9. In the course of your MBA studies, what do you hope to improve your knowledge of? 
  10. Why do you believe that now is the appropriate time for you to enroll in a Master of Business Administration programme? 
  11. What are some of your short-term and long-term objectives for your career?
  12. Give an example of a period when you felt that your performance did not live up to your expectations. What actions did you take to remedy the issue?
  13. Tell us about a job that you applied for but did not get, the reason why you did not get it, and what you did after that experience.
  14. In what way have you contributed to the realisation of an innovative idea?
  15. The ability to pick yourself up after a setback is an essential life skill. Tell me about a time when you got knocked down, and I want you to explain how you got back up again.
  16. In what aspects of your personality or character do you hope to see the most development over the next five years?
  17. Which three characteristics do you have that have helped you become successful?
  18. Describe a mistake you made that turned out to be the key to your ultimate achievement.
  19. How can you ensure that something that turns out to be more difficult than you anticipated does not hinder your ability to achieve success?
  20. Do you believe that earning an MBA will assist you in achieving any of your goals? 
  21. Please share with us the three most influential reasons that led you to decide to apply for our MBA programme. 
  22. Please provide us with three compelling arguments as to why you should be accepted into our MBA programme. 

Clients Testimonials

Mistakes To Avoid In Kira Interview

Not acquainting yourself with the platform 

To avoid technical difficulties, you must acquaint yourself with the Kira Talent platform before the video interview. Practice using the platform beforehand and ensure your microphone, camera, and internet connection are working properly. 

Bad time management

Kira video interviews are timed, so it’s crucial to administer your time effectively. Ensure to read and understand the instructions and questions before answering and try to stick to the recommended time limit.

Not dressing professionally

Although Kira video interviews are conducted online, it is necessary to dress professionally to make an excellent first impression. Dress formally like you would for an in-person interview, and avoid wearing anything too distracting or flashy.

Not preparing ahead of time

Just like any other video interview, preparing for a Kira video interview is important. Research thoroughly for the discussion and prepare answers to common interview questions. Refrain from trying to memorize but understand the subject. Memorizing may sometimes backfire if the questions are different from the expected format.

Understand and write

Understand your question and give the best possible response. Never use possible responses given by a computer to answer your questions. You might sound fake, and the reviewers would very well be able to tell the difference.

Not paying attention to body language and non-verbal cues

Pay attention to your body language and non-verbal cues during a Kira Talent interview. Make sure to maintain eye contact, sit up straight, and avoid fidgeting or making distracting movements.

Not being concise and clear 

Kira video interviews are timed, so it’s important to be concise and clear in your answers. Avoid being confused or going off on tangents, and make sure to answer the question directly and succinctly.

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FAQs about Kira Interview

How does the Kira Talent one-way video interview take place?

During a Kira video assessment, you may be required to submit timed video and/or textual responses to questions that have been pre-recorded by the school. You will be able to record your responses from the convenience of your own home, and you will have complete control over the timing of these recordings. This interview is only one-way.

Once you begin your practise or asynchronous assessment questions, you will be able to view the number of questions you have, the format of your questions (whether they are video or written), as well as the amount of time you have to prepare and respond to each question.

You will watch a single instance of a pre-recorded video when you are presented with a video question. During both the time allotted for preparation and the time allotted for responses, the text of the related question will be shown on the screen for your perusal. You will respond to a video question in a format that is timed and recorded video. Using the countdown timer and bar that is located at the very top of your screen, you will be able to keep track of the remaining time you have for preparation and response.


Q1kira -  - Ameerkhatri.com

You can become more comfortable with the platform by answering the practise questions in Kira, and you can also use them to verify that your device is configured correctly. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the following main variations between the practise questions and the actual assessment questions:

During the period of practise, you are free to finish answering your questions an unlimited number of times. During the actual test, you will only have one opportunity to answer each question.
During the practise, you will have the opportunity to playback your responses and gain an understanding of how you come across to others. During the actual test, you will not be able to review your previous responses.
Only your answers to the authentic evaluation questions will be taken into consideration. Nobody, not even you, other than you, has access to anything you filmed while you were practising.
The similarities between the practise questions and the actual questions on the test are not guaranteed to exist. The amount of time allotted for preparation and response between each question is also subject to change.

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Q2kira -  - Ameerkhatri.com

You will not be able to repeat your questions once your responses to your asynchronous assessment have been submitted (or until your interview is over, whichever comes first). The school to which you are applying has the authority to decide whether or not to allow you to retake an examination in certain circumstances.

Please get in touch with the institution to which you have applied directly if you have solid evidence supporting the conclusion that you need to repeat the exam. Your responses are going to be analysed, and if a new attempt is necessary, you will be given one.


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Q3kira -  - Ameerkhatri.com

In order to successfully finish any kind of test in Kira, you will need the following things:

  • Laptop or a desktop
  • Whether internal or external, a camera
  • Microphone, either internal or external (use of headphones is also acceptable!)
  • Speakers
  • Stable connection to the internet
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If this is your first time using Kira, it is highly recommended that you schedule aside fifteen to thirty minutes in order to finish the Check-In process.

Please click on the “Learn More” button that is located on your landing page in order to access to the “Details” page. This will provide you with more precise information regarding the scheduling of your asynchronous assessment or live interview.

Q5kira1 -  - Ameerkhatri.com
Q5kira2 -  - Ameerkhatri.com

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