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Carlson Kira Video Interview

Interview Tips & Questions from Past candidates

Carlson Kira Video Interview

The Kira video interview is an online video interview platform that a number of business schools, notably Carlson, have utilised to evaluate potential students’ communication abilities, thoughtfulness, and overall compatibility with the programme.

Important Points

  • Candidates have the opportunity to demonstrate their genuine selves to the admissions committee through the video essay, which is a necessary component of the application and is part of the application package.  Imagine that you are addressing a question posed by a member of our admissions committee during the interview that is being captured in this video essay. 
  • You will need to utilise a computer that has the capabilities of both a camera and a microphone. In order to submit the video, you will furthermore want a reliable internet connection. You will be able to test your technology before beginning the video essay, and you will also have the opportunity to submit a practise video essay. 
  • You can perform as many tests of your technology as you want, as well as runs of the practise simulation, until you feel comfortable with both the format and the technology.  You will be able to go back and watch your practise video essay(s), but the recording(s) of your actual video essay(s) will not be saved beyond the testing process and will never be watched again.
  • Before you move on to the video essay phase of your application, there is another option available to you: you can practise responding to spontaneous questions offline with a friend or colleague.
  • When it is time for you to send in your official video essay, you will be given the option to select the “Ready” button.  You will be given the opportunity to respond to one spontaneous question that has been chosen by our admissions staff from a pool of creative or behavioural inquiries. 
  • There will be a total of four minutes (240 seconds) available: two minutes (120 seconds) for the preparation of an answer, and two minutes (120 seconds) for the recording of an answer.  After two minutes, the recording will terminate by itself automatically.  It is not necessary for you to use all of the allotted two minutes.  After you have finished providing your response, you can stop the recording by clicking the button that says “Stop Recording” if you still have time left. 
  • You will only have one opportunity to record the official video essay that is required of you.
  • In order to upload the video, you will need to have a reliable internet connection.
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Carlson MBA Frequently Asked Video Essay Questions

  1. Please describe a subject you studied or an extracurricular activity you participated in that assisted you in developing your unique personality. What new knowledge did you obtain? ​
  2. – Please describe a time when you participated as a member of a team. How did you determine when it was appropriate to take the lead and when it was more appropriate to follow, and how did the outcomes affect you?
  3. – Please tell me about a time when you displayed tremendous fortitude and determination and it was rewarded. What kind of findings did you get?
  4. -Can you describe the most significant risk you’ve ever taken on the job, as well as the results of that risk?
  5. – Please describe an instance in which you were had to adapt your method of communicating. How did it turn out, and what did you take away from it?
  6. -Can you give an example of a time when you were forced to rearrange your priorities because of an unforeseen responsibility? What was the result of this?
  7. How would you define the way in which you currently think about diversity, and how have you found that your thoughts have evolved through time?
  8. What would you do with your time if you had it to spend anyway you pleased?
  9. Imagine for a moment that you have been transported back to the year 1900. To someone who lived during that time period, how would you describe something like a smartphone, or a shared network drive like Google Drive?
  10. Discuss an extracurricular experience or activity that you participated in and how it altered your perspective on anything.
  11. – Tell me about a moment when you made a poor choice and describe the consequences as well as the steps you took to overcome them.
  12. – Please share a story in which you encountered a challenge, how you overcame it, and the outcome of your efforts.
  13. – Please tell us about a moment when you had to complete a task despite the fact that you had no prior experience with it. What were the initial actions you took, the tactics you used, and the results you got from those steps?
  14. – Please share with us an experience in which you came across a person who was unwilling to change, how you dealt with the situation, and the result of your actions.
  15. What is an achievement of which you are particularly proud, and why is that so?
  16. What does it mean to you to have a commitment to diversity, and how does it manifest itself? How have you been able to demonstrate that dedication in the past, and how do you anticipate demonstrating it in this setting?
  17. -What is the most important component in establishing and sustaining professional relationships? Please give some instances.
  18. What does the term diversity mean to you, and how or why do you believe it is necessary to have a diverse population?
  19. -What is the most helpful piece of constructive criticism that has been given to you, and how has it impacted the job that you do?
  20. – What is the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t discover about you just from looking at your resume?

Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes in Kira Video Interviews

Video interviews are becoming the method of choice for employers/recruiters/reviewers when hiring new staff or admitting new students. While they offer great flexibility and time savings, there is a learning curve aligned with mastering this type of interview. 

The Kira video interview process is no exception, ensuring you know what mistakes to avoid and tips to ensure success. It can be the difference between securing your dream job/university and missing out on that big opportunity.

✔ Be prepared: Make sure you have read and understood the instructions provided by the employer or the institution that is conducting the Kira Talent video interview. It is also vital to have a good understanding of the program you are applying for. Prepare yourself well, research the organization, and review your resume and the project requirements.

✔ Practice: Practice answering questions confidently and clearly. You can record yourself answering common interview questions to help you assess your performance. Also, practice with a friend or a family member to get feedback on your presentation, pacing, and body language.

✔ Dress appropriately: Dressing aptly will help you feel confident and professional. Dress professionally and avoid wearing distracting clothing or jewelry.

✔ Be confident of your body language: Sit straight, maintain eye contact, and avoid slouching or fidgeting. Use gestures to emphasize your points, but be careful not to overdo it.

✔ Test your equipment: This is very crucial. Test your internet connection, camera, and microphone beforehand to ensure they work correctly. Use a quiet and well-lit location, free from distractions and where you won’t be interrupted.

✔ Be succinct and to the point: Keep your answers brief and to the point. Be careful not to confuse or repeat yourself. Answer the question asked, and don’t go off-topic.

✔ Listen carefully: Listen carefully to the question before answering. If you need help to understand a question, re-read or re-hear it for clarification. Take your time to think before answering.

✔ Show enthusiasm and interest: Show enthusiasm and interest in the program you are applying for. Smile and show your personality, but avoid being too informal.

✔ Review and submit: After recording your video interview, review it before submitting it. Check for errors or mistakes and ensure you have answered all the questions.

✔ Follow up: Follow up with a thank-you email or note after submitting your video interview. This will show your interest in the role and your professionalism.

Get Ready for Your Next Video Interview with Kira Talent

It’s no surprise that a successful interview has the power to open up many opportunities for you. The stakes are even taller when it comes to video interviews, especially with Kira online video interviewing platform, which is becoming increasingly popular among employers and recruiters.

The prospect of participating in a Kira video interview can be unsettling, but with the right preparation and knowledge, you can make it a successful experience. To ensure that your Kira video interview is enjoyable, follow all the tips for success and avoid mistakes. 

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FAQs about Kira Interview

How does the Kira Talent one-way video interview take place?

During a Kira video assessment, you may be required to submit timed video and/or textual responses to questions that have been pre-recorded by the school. You will be able to record your responses from the convenience of your own home, and you will have complete control over the timing of these recordings. This interview is only one-way.

Once you begin your practise or asynchronous assessment questions, you will be able to view the number of questions you have, the format of your questions (whether they are video or written), as well as the amount of time you have to prepare and respond to each question.

You will watch a single instance of a pre-recorded video when you are presented with a video question. During both the time allotted for preparation and the time allotted for responses, the text of the related question will be shown on the screen for your perusal. You will respond to a video question in a format that is timed and recorded video. Using the countdown timer and bar that is located at the very top of your screen, you will be able to keep track of the remaining time you have for preparation and response.


Q1kira -  - Ameerkhatri.com

You can become more comfortable with the platform by answering the practise questions in Kira, and you can also use them to verify that your device is configured correctly. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the following main variations between the practise questions and the actual assessment questions:

During the period of practise, you are free to finish answering your questions an unlimited number of times. During the actual test, you will only have one opportunity to answer each question.
During the practise, you will have the opportunity to playback your responses and gain an understanding of how you come across to others. During the actual test, you will not be able to review your previous responses.
Only your answers to the authentic evaluation questions will be taken into consideration. Nobody, not even you, other than you, has access to anything you filmed while you were practising.
The similarities between the practise questions and the actual questions on the test are not guaranteed to exist. The amount of time allotted for preparation and response between each question is also subject to change.

To know more about types of questions in Kira, click here.

Q2kira -  - Ameerkhatri.com

You will not be able to repeat your questions once your responses to your asynchronous assessment have been submitted (or until your interview is over, whichever comes first). The school to which you are applying has the authority to decide whether or not to allow you to retake an examination in certain circumstances.

Please get in touch with the institution to which you have applied directly if you have solid evidence supporting the conclusion that you need to repeat the exam. Your responses are going to be analysed, and if a new attempt is necessary, you will be given one.


To know more about redo, retake and deadline extension for your Kira video interview, click here.

Q3kira -  - Ameerkhatri.com

In order to successfully finish any kind of test in Kira, you will need the following things:

  • Laptop or a desktop
  • Whether internal or external, a camera
  • Microphone, either internal or external (use of headphones is also acceptable!)
  • Speakers
  • Stable connection to the internet
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If this is your first time using Kira, it is highly recommended that you schedule aside fifteen to thirty minutes in order to finish the Check-In process.

Please click on the “Learn More” button that is located on your landing page in order to access to the “Details” page. This will provide you with more precise information regarding the scheduling of your asynchronous assessment or live interview.

Q5kira1 -  - Ameerkhatri.com
Q5kira2 -  - Ameerkhatri.com

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