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LBS Kira Video Interview

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

London Business School Kira Video Interview

The Kira video interview is an online video interview platform that a number of business schools, notably London Business School, have utilised to evaluate potential students’ communication abilities, thoughtfulness, and overall compatibility with the programme.

Important Points

  • The purpose of the three questions that make up Kira, which were all pre-recorded by members of their team, is to evaluate three of their most important characteristics: leadership, openness, and resilience. It will be an asset to your usual application and will give them the opportunity to get a better idea of who you are and what you’re capable of.
  • You will have one minute to think about your response after the question has been presented to you on the screen, after which the platform will begin recording it automatically. After then, you will have two and a half minutes to deliver each response, so make sure that you make effective use of the time allotted for preparation to think out your ideas.
  • The test itself, along with the two practise problems that come at the beginning, will take roughly twenty minutes to complete. Because it will be recorded on both audio and video, we strongly suggest that you select a location that is free from any potential distractions so that you can give your whole concentration to the task at hand.
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LBS MBA Frequently Asked Kira Video Interview Questions

  1. What do you stand to gain from the London Business School MBA Programme that you won’t get from participating in any other MBA programme? (query that is asked of all candidates beforehand and is known in advance; essentially, they want to know WHY LBS?)
  2. Tell us about a moment when a team member did not “pull his weight” in the team, and describe how you dealt with the problem and how you handled it.
  3. Share a story with us about a moment when you were exposed to a different culture. Where did you find the most value in this experience?
  4. Explain why you believe you would be successful working in a setting that is based in another country.
  5. Why is it so important to have different people working in the same place?
  6. Describe an instance when you had to take charge of a situation.
  7. What do you consider to be the single most significant feature of working in a team?
  8. What do you find to be the most difficult component of working in an atmosphere that is so internationally diverse?
  9. Tell us about a time when you were a member of a team that didn’t work properly and what you did to try to fix the problem. Describe how you tried to make things better.
  10. Please describe an experience in which you were exposed to a new culture or required to adjust to the norms of another society, as well as what you took away from the interaction.
  11. Tell us why you think it’s crucial to work in a setting that involves people from other countries.
  12. In your perspective, which aspect of participating in a diverse study group presents the greatest challenge?
  13. Tell us about a moment when you felt that you were judged unfairly and how you handled the situation.
  14. Tell us about a challenging conversation you had to have and how you rallied your team in the face of adversity.
  15. How would you go about learning a new topic? Could you give some examples, if that would help?

Clients Testimonials

How to Prepare for the Kira Video Interview: 5 Tips

You probably already know the fundamentals of interviewing if you’re about to participate in a Kira video interview. But being ready for a video interview can differ greatly from getting ready for a face-to-face one. 

Here are 5 preparation suggestions to help you maximize your interview and leave a positive impression on the interviewer:

  1. Practice: It’s a good idea to practice your responses before the interview, just like an in-person interview. Consider researching typical Kira video interview questions and working on responses that show your knowledge and enthusiasm for the job.
  2. Test Your Tech: Make sure your computer is up-to-date and that you have a reliable internet connection. Also, test your webcam, microphone, speakers, and any other equipment you’ll be using so that there are no issues when it comes time for the actual interview.
  3. Check the Lighting: Ensure that your surrounding is well lit. Moreover, ensure that your environment is professional and free from distractions like pets or children. Avoid background noise and any decorations or furniture that could detract from the interviewer’s attention away from you.
  4. Dress Appropriately: Even though this isn’t an in-person interview, it’s still important to dress respectfully as if it were an in-person one. Be presentable and wear clothing that reflects positively upon yourself when appearing on camera!
  5. Speak Clearly: When speaking to an interviewer during a video call, ensure that your speech is clear and concise by paying attention to how you enunciate each word and how quickly (or slowly) you speak each sentence aloud. 
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FAQs about Kira Interview

How does the Kira Talent one-way video interview take place?

During a Kira video assessment, you may be required to submit timed video and/or textual responses to questions that have been pre-recorded by the school. You will be able to record your responses from the convenience of your own home, and you will have complete control over the timing of these recordings. This interview is only one-way.

Once you begin your practise or asynchronous assessment questions, you will be able to view the number of questions you have, the format of your questions (whether they are video or written), as well as the amount of time you have to prepare and respond to each question.

You will watch a single instance of a pre-recorded video when you are presented with a video question. During both the time allotted for preparation and the time allotted for responses, the text of the related question will be shown on the screen for your perusal. You will respond to a video question in a format that is timed and recorded video. Using the countdown timer and bar that is located at the very top of your screen, you will be able to keep track of the remaining time you have for preparation and response.


Q1kira -  - Ameerkhatri.com

You can become more comfortable with the platform by answering the practise questions in Kira, and you can also use them to verify that your device is configured correctly. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of the following main variations between the practise questions and the actual assessment questions:

During the period of practise, you are free to finish answering your questions an unlimited number of times. During the actual test, you will only have one opportunity to answer each question.
During the practise, you will have the opportunity to playback your responses and gain an understanding of how you come across to others. During the actual test, you will not be able to review your previous responses.
Only your answers to the authentic evaluation questions will be taken into consideration. Nobody, not even you, other than you, has access to anything you filmed while you were practising.
The similarities between the practise questions and the actual questions on the test are not guaranteed to exist. The amount of time allotted for preparation and response between each question is also subject to change.

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Q2kira -  - Ameerkhatri.com

You will not be able to repeat your questions once your responses to your asynchronous assessment have been submitted (or until your interview is over, whichever comes first). The school to which you are applying has the authority to decide whether or not to allow you to retake an examination in certain circumstances.

Please get in touch with the institution to which you have applied directly if you have solid evidence supporting the conclusion that you need to repeat the exam. Your responses are going to be analysed, and if a new attempt is necessary, you will be given one.


To know more about redo, retake and deadline extension for your Kira video interview, click here.

Q3kira -  - Ameerkhatri.com

In order to successfully finish any kind of test in Kira, you will need the following things:

  • Laptop or a desktop
  • Whether internal or external, a camera
  • Microphone, either internal or external (use of headphones is also acceptable!)
  • Speakers
  • Stable connection to the internet
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If this is your first time using Kira, it is highly recommended that you schedule aside fifteen to thirty minutes in order to finish the Check-In process.

Please click on the “Learn More” button that is located on your landing page in order to access to the “Details” page. This will provide you with more precise information regarding the scheduling of your asynchronous assessment or live interview.

Q5kira1 -  - Ameerkhatri.com
Q5kira2 -  - Ameerkhatri.com

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