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Boston University Questrom MBA

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Introduction to MBA at BU

The full-time MBA program at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business is created to prepare students for leadership positions across a variety of fields and jobs. The normal length of the Full-Time MBA program is two years. It is intended for learners who can devote themselves to full-time study. Experiential learning is emphasized heavily at Questrom.

Students get the chance to engage on practical projects, internships, and consultancy assignments, which open up networking possibilities and offer real-world experience. The curriculum promotes the growth of a global mindset in students. This provides chances for overseas research excursions, international consultancy assignments, and exposure to global business difficulties. To assist students with job placement and professional advancement, Questrom provides comprehensive career services. The institution maintains close ties with numerous business associates in Boston and elsewhere.

Why Study MBA at BU?


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There are numerous benefits to earning a MBA from Boston University Questrom School. Here are a handful of the strongest arguments:

  • The Questrom School of Business at Boston University is a reputable university with a reputation for academic quality. It is renowned for its challenging curriculum and knowledgeable faculty.
  • Boston is a vibrant commercial center with lots of chances for jobs, networking, and internships. MBA students wishing to launch their careers across industries may find it useful to live close to several businesses and startups.
  • A worldwide perspective on business education is emphasized at the Questrom School of Business. A global perspective can be developed through participating in the program’s potential possibilities for international experiences, such as study abroad programs or international consulting projects.
  • Students at Questrom can get help with job placement, internships, and career development from dedicated career services teams. They might be connected to numerous businesses and sectors.
  • The Questrom School of Business at Boston University probably hosts a variety of lectures, networking opportunities, and alumni links. During your MBA, developing a strong professional network can help you advance your career.
  • The Questrom School of Business may provide tools and assistance for MBA students interested in entrepreneurship, such as startup incubators and pitch competitions, given the robust entrepreneurial ecosystem in Boston.
  • Students can frequently choose to specialize in fields like finance, marketing, healthcare, or entrepreneurship through MBA programs. Questrom provides a range of concentration options so you can customize your education to meet your professional objectives.

Program Costs + Living Expenses : MBA at BU


Avg. Cost of Tuition/Quarter



Avg. Living Cost/Quarter


Avg. Cost of Study

The cost of the BU Questrom MBA Program is approximately 31,899 each semester for full-time. 

Fees: In addition to paying tuition, students must also pay fees. These fees pay for a range of costs, including student government dues, technology fees, and health insurance for students. Fees is $632 for full-time students.

Living costs: Living costs change based on the lifestyle and housing preferences of the student. For a single student living on campus, however, a conservative estimate of living costs is $14,687 each semester. Housing, food, transportation, personal, and health insurance costs are included in this.

Supplies and books: The price of books Depending on the student’s course load and academic interests, the cost of books and supplies may vary. However, $700 each semester is a fair estimate for books and supplies.

Additional costs: Additional costs could include things like entertainment, travel, and presents. Depending on the student’s particular spending habits, the price of these expenses may vary.

Employment Prospects : MBA at BU


Employed within 3 months of graduation


Avg. Salary

    Most Sought-after Job Sectors








  • Technology: MBA graduates are in high demand in the technology industry, where they can use their skills to lead and manage engineering teams, develop new products and services, and solve complex technical problems. Some examples of technology companies that hire MBA graduates include Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon.
  • Finance: MBA graduates are also in high demand in the finance industry, where they can use their skills to analyze data, make financial projections, and manage investment portfolios. Some examples of finance companies that hire MBA graduates include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan Chase.
  • Consulting: MBA graduates are also well-suited for careers in consulting, where they can use their skills to help clients solve complex business problems. Some examples of consulting firms that hire MBA graduates include McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and Boston Consulting Group.
  • Healthcare: MBA graduates can also use their skills to improve healthcare delivery, develop new medical devices, and manage healthcare organizations. Some examples of healthcare companies that hire MBA graduates include Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Abbott Laboratories.
  • Energy: MBA graduates can also use their skills to address the challenges of energy production and distribution, develop new energy technologies, and manage energy companies. Some examples of energy companies that hire MBA graduates include Exxon Mobil, Chevron, and Shell.
  • Sustainability: MBA graduates can also use their skills to address the challenges of sustainability, develop new sustainable technologies, and manage sustainable businesses. Some examples of sustainability companies that hire MBA graduates include Tesla, Beyond Meat, and General Electric.

The average salary for MBA graduates is $134,000 per year. However, salaries can vary depending on the industry, the level of experience, and the specific job title.

Eligibility Criteria for MBA at BU

  • Educational Qualifications: A four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college is required of all students.
  • Three Video Essays OR One Written Essay: In the “Documents” section of the “Program Materials” portion of the application, respond to three video essay questions or one written essay to help them get to know you better.
  • Resume: Current resume, as required in the “Experiences” section of the online application. 
  • 1 Letter of Recommendation: In the “Recommendations” section of the “Program Materials” portion of the application.
  • University-Level Transcripts: Submit transcripts for any coursework completed, including study abroad and post-graduate work, in the “Academic History” portion of the application. 
  • GMAT Results or GRE Results: BU accept either GMAT or GRE score reports for applications to the MBA program.

Documents required : MBA at BU

  • Online Application: Students have to submit an online application form at the official website.
  • Application Fee: Students need to submit their application fees.
  • Statement of Purpose: Reasons or intentions for pursuing studies in this program, including a description of prior experience.
  • Official GRE Test Scores: Students have to submit their GRE Test Scores.
  • ELP Scores: Students have to submit their English language proficiency scores like IELTS, TOEFL, or other test scores.

Application Deadlines - BU MBA

Entry DateApplication DeadlineDecision ReleaseEnrollment Deadline
Fall 2024October 18, 2023December 18, 2023February 5, 2024
 December 18, 2023*
January 11, 2024
February 23, 2024April 3, 2024
 March 13, 2024May 3, 2024May 24, 2024

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Scholarships Available : MBA at BU

For qualifying full-time students, Boston University’s Questrom School of Business administers a number of merit-based scholarship programs. These chances are mentioned to applicants in their initial admissions offers. The Admission Committee takes into account all admitted candidates for merit-based scholarship grants; no additional application is required. Almost 80% of the entering class for Fall 2022 received scholarship support, with the average grant topping half of the annual tuition. These are the different honors that Questrom presently presents:

Dean’s Fellowship

The Dean’s Scholarship program offers prizes ranging from $10,000 to full tuition each year for candidates with exceptional professional, academic, and personal qualities in an effort to draw the top caliber individuals from all around the world. For these honors, both domestic and foreign nominees will be taken into consideration.

Social Impact Scholarship

The Social Impact Scholarship program aims to lessen the financial burden placed on students who want to employ fundamental business management abilities to tackle society’s most difficult social and humanitarian issues. Students accepted into the Social Impact MBA program are eligible for incentives that range from $10,000 to the annual cost of tuition through this program. For these honors, both domestic and foreign nominees will be taken into consideration.

City Year Scholarship

City Year alumni and staff who have served for at least one year and/or who have worked for City Year for at least two years are eligible for at least three scholarships to Boston University’s Questrom School of Business’ Full-Time Social Impact MBA. Questrom believes that the diverse perspectives that City Year alumni and staff bring to their educational experiences will enhance our Social Impact MBA program, which is devoted to tackling society’s most difficult humanitarian and social issues in the context of the global economy. For the first year of study, this partnership will provide a minimum of $15,000, and it is extendable for an additional year.

MBA+ MSDT Summer Scholarship

This initiative, which is open to exceptional applicants for the MBA+MSDT, offers extra assistance for the higher tuition costs related to earning this combination degree. The range of prizes is $5,000 to $10,000. Only the MBA+ MSDT program’s summer semester is eligible for this award. For these honors, both domestic and foreign nominees will be taken into consideration.

Prospanica Scholarship

Prospanica and the Boston University Questrom School of Business are offering this fellowship to help Hispanic prospective students have broader access to the best graduate management education available. Scholarships will be provided by Boston University and given out on behalf of the Boston Chapter of Prospanica. Latino Americans who are citizens of the United States will be given priority consideration for this prize. Once the recipient has confirmed his or her plan to enroll at the Boston University Questrom School of Business, Prospanica will be notified. Candidates will be informed in their acceptance packet.

FUNED Scholarship for Mexican Nationals

Mexican nationals who have been awarded scholarships via the Questrom School of Business are eligible for a maximum of three awards from the Fundación Mexicana para la Educatión, la Tecnologa y la Ciencia, A.C. (FUNED). These FUNED grants offer “credit-scholarships” that can cover up to 40% of the master’s program’s overall cost (no more than $40,000 over two years).

Peter (Questrom’85) and Mary Diotte Scholarship

The Peter (Questrom’85) and Mary Diotte Scholarship is given to an MBA student with strong ties to Wisconsin and/or the Midwest. The value of the scholarship fluctuates each year. Peter Diotte, a Wisconsin native and 1985 Questrom MBA graduate, is dedicated to helping students who have ties to the state.

Specializations & Electives Offered

You will begin the program Launch with Ethics, learning frameworks that will direct your perspective as you move forward in the curriculum. All are required to develop competence in optimisation and analytics, organisations and decisions, and probability.  You’ll tackle real-world problems using real data sets and scenarios in many courses, providing you the experience you’ll need to get started right away after graduation. Examples include:


To know in depth about the curriculum and pre-requisites click here.

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