WHU MIM Interviews

Interview Tips & Questions from Past candidates


To ace your WHU Otto MIM Interview, you’ll need to understand the format and goals of the interview process, and give yourself as much time as possible to prepare.

In most cases, MIM applicants are required to participate in two separate interviews, both with WHU Otto MIM  alumni.

Alumni are hugely important . In fact, one of the admissions criteria listed on the school website is the “ability to contribute to the  WHU Otto MIM  experience during and after the program.” So it’s no surprise that alumni play an integral role in the interview process, and it should also be no surprise that your ability to contribute to the program will be discussed in the interview itself.

While some top business schools, like Harvard, aim to keep their interviews short and focused, the interview is typically more conversational than confrontational. However, you should still be prepared for a thorough dialogue that delves into your background and your path to business school.

One of the primary goals of the alumni interview is engagement. Interviewers want to see that not only are you prepared to answer their questions, but that you have questions of your own. The interview is your chance to find out more about the program and about what life is like at WHU Otto MIM  from people who have already gone through it.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity! Demonstrating a genuine interest in student life and in making the most of your time at WHU Otto MIM is a great way to show the alumni interviewers that you’re a serious candidate. 


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WHU Otto MIM Interview Question- 1 

Interview date: April 12, 2021

Accepted Conclusion and Decision

“As you are aware, I met with the associate director of admissions yesterday for my interview. The conversation was engaging and led with great skill. I greatly appreciated the absence of “tell me about yourself” because it suggested that he had perused my profile.
Please describe your education.

Why is your GPA below average?
What would your friend say about you?

How would a member of your family describe you?
Describe a time when you had to resolve a conflict with a coworker.
Describe a time when you managed a conflict between team members.
Describe your style of leadership.
Why do you believe you possess such leadership qualities?
Do you consider your leadership style to be adaptable?
Why did you decide to apply to WHU?
Why should you be chosen?
Have you had international exposure?
Have you visited Germany before?
Have you ever interacted with a European individual?
What differences between your culture and European culture have you observed?
What challenges do you anticipate encountering when traveling to Germany?
What are your near-term objectives?

You must connect your prior experience and post-Mim goals to the curriculum, faculty, projects, and clubs that the university will offer you.

WHU Otto MIM Interview Question- 2

Date of interview: November 22

Accepted Conclusion and Decision

“I had an interview with the director of admissions. The conversation with her was enjoyable. The conversation continued without interruption. These were the questions that were posed:
He was extremely cordial and asked simple questions like “What’s your story?” and “Why WHU?” I wanted to start my own business, so he asked whether I had any plans.

Finally, he said he liked my profile and would grant me admission and the scholarship amount. And that the official letter of admission will arrive within a week.

Mr. Vivek began the interview on a humorous note. Thus, we discussed where he had lived in India and other such topics. Then, he inquired about my history, i.e., “Tell me about yourself.” He did not ask me why I was pursuing MIM because he could deduce its necessity from my prior experience and long-term objective.

Then he asked as to why WHU Otto (again, prepared response) and why Germany in particular (here, I explained that Germany is at the forefront of innovation, propelled by academic powerhouses and that learning here will enable me to be more visionary and innovative in the future) before mentioning my short-term goal of remaining in Germany/Europe for a couple of years.

He added that he had already reviewed my documents thoroughly. And he admired my work with non-governmental organizations and the fact that I had twice passed the preliminary UPSC Civil Services examination while working in my father’s business.”

My interviewer concluded that he would forward the favorable recommendation to AdCom.

Additionally, he stated that AdCom will make the final scholarship decision.
I did not attempt to be anyone other than myself, and I was trustworthy. The interview was ultimately successful, and I received the offer on Monday.

WHU Otto  MIM Interview Question- 3

Skype On November 7, 2019, I was interviewed.
Final Declaration: Interviewed

“Skype Interview with WHU Admission Managers  WHU application for Full-Time MIM September 2020 entry.”
1) Describe your background and why you’re seeking a MIM.

2) What are your expectations for the program?

3) What can you contribute to the program?

4) Numerous questions regarding work experience, such as how to handle difficult situations, etc. Comparable to a typical job interview

5) Allocate 10 to 15 minutes for candidate questions.

6) will have a result within ten days; however, if you need it sooner due to other school results, please let us know, and we will try to expedite.”

The overall atmosphere was peaceful. There were no challenging or challenging questions. He noted after the interview that the results are typically available within five to fourteen days

WHU Otto  MIM Interview Question- 4

Final determination: Accepted

Skype interview conducted on April 8, 2020

“I applied on March 29 and was invited to an interview on April 5.” 1. My interview occurred on April 8. What information can you provide regarding your identity?

2. Please review your resume.

Why should one pursue an MBA? Why did you choose HHL as opposed to another school?

Why obtain a MIM immediately as opposed to in the future? Why pursue a master’s degree in management now?

What are some of your short- and long-term objectives?

What alternatives do you have if you are unsuccessful in investment banking or consulting?

What are several of your most prized possessions? Please provide specific examples.
However, he predicted that my profile (score, experience, etc.) would receive 5 to 10 percent.”

WHU Otto MIM Interview Question- 5

“Recently, I spoke with the interviewer from  WHU Otto. The interview lasted nearly 35 minutes. The interview consisted primarily of conversation. The following is the order of the interview questions that I can recall:

What do you consider the single most significant achievement of your life up to this point?

Please provide an instance in which you were a team member, and there was a disagreement. How did you manage to persevere?

Give an example of a time when you failed to meet a customer’s expectations. What occurred, and how have you attempted to restore things to their proper state?

In MiM interviews, case questions are frequently asked, especially of candidates seeking consulting positions.

What is the maximum number of golf balls that a Boeing 747 is capable of transporting?

What is the current size of the global market for smartphones?

Would you like us to answer any of your questions?

Overall, the interview was extremely friendly and conversational.

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