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Interview Questions collected from Past clients


To ace your INSEAD MIM Interview, you’ll need to understand the format and goals of the interview process, and give yourself as much time as possible to prepare.

In most cases, MIM applicants are required to participate in two separate interviews, both with  INSEAD MIM alumni.

Alumni are hugely important . In fact, one of the admissions criteria listed on the school website is the “ability to contribute to the  INSEAD MIM  experience during and after the program.” So it’s no surprise that alumni play an integral role in the interview process, and it should also be no surprise that your ability to contribute to the program will be discussed in the interview itself.

While some top business schools, like Harvard, aim to keep their interviews short and focused, the  INSEAD MIM interview is typically more conversational than confrontational. However, you should still be prepared for a thorough dialogue that delves into your background and your path to business school.

One of the primary goals of the alumni interview is engagement. Interviewers want to see that not only are you prepared to answer their questions, but that you have questions of your own. The interview is your chance to find out more about the program and about what life is like at  INSEAD MIM, from people who have already gone through it.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity! Demonstrating a genuine interest in student life and in making the most of your time at  INSEAD MIM is a great way to show the alumni interviewers that you’re a serious candidate. 


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INSEAD MIM Interview Question- 1 

On April 8, 2020, I was interviewed via Skype.

“I applied on March 29 and was invited to interview on April 5.” My interview was on April 8.
How would your coworkers describe your leadership style? Provide an example

How would you combat stereotypes in the workplace? You are embarking on a new project with team members from various cultures and educational backgrounds. How would you bring them together?
When someone comes to you with a problem, what do you do?

What was your most exciting project to work on? What piqued your interest in it?
How do you stay on top of your vision? Or perhaps your company’s?
What is the reason for choosing INSEAD?
How would you lay the groundwork for your business?
What is your leadership style?
How did you acquire international experience?
What do you consider to be diversity?
Describe a situation in which you faced an ethical quandary. How did you resolve it? What factors did you take into account when resolving it?
Which project piqued your interest the most, and why?
What, in your opinion, is required to start and run a successful business?
What would you teach if you could teach a class on any subject, and why?
Tell me about your favorite aspect of INSEAD.
Give me an example of how you persuaded your team members.

As part of the Q&A session, I asked her about her experience at INSEAD and what inspired her to apply. Generally, a conversational interview with a few in-depth questions is thrown in for good measure.

INSEAD MIM Interview Question- 2

Skype My interview took place on November 7, 2019. Conclusions: Interviewed

“Skype Interview with  INSEAD Admission Managers (this page does not have any INSEAD  programs to choose from); it is a Full Time MiM September 2020 entry application for INSEAD.”

How do you work under stress?

Tell me about a time when you had many tasks to complete and were under pressure to meet many deadlines. How did you handle it?

Tell me about a time when you had to make a quick decision. What was the situation, and how did you decide?

Explain and justify your most satisfying accomplishment.
Tell us something about yourself that needs to be listed on your resume.
Please tell us about yourself.
Tell us about a significant event or person in your life.
What do you think your friends and family would say about you?

What, in your opinion, is the definition of leadership?

Tell us about a time when you sacrificed to achieve your goal.
Do you believe that social responsibility should always take precedence over profit? What is your justification? Give your justification.
Explain Facebook to us as you would to grandmother.
Which song is the most frequently played on your computer?
Why did you select us?
What is your favorite pastime?
How do you deal with things when you’re working under duress?
What impact do you believe technology has had on our lives?
When was the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone?
What is that one thing you’ve always wanted to try?
What do you believe your friends think of you?

The overall atmosphere was serene. There were no complex or challenging questions. He stated at the end of the interview that “normally, results are available in 5-14 days.”

INSEAD MIM Interview Question- 3

The Stanford MiM Programme interview occurred off campus on October 15, 2021. As a result, I was placed on the program’s waitlist.

We discussed my undergraduate experience because the interviewer and I went to the same college. The interview proceeded as usual: What can you tell me about yourself?

Please go over your resume.

Why should you pursue a MiM? Why did you choose Insead as your university?

Why should you do a MiM now rather than later? Why do you want to get a MiM at this point in your career?

What are your short and long-term goals?

What is your backup plan if consulting/investment banking does not work out?

What are your most valuable assets? Please give us some examples.

What is your most serious flaw? Please give us some examples.

What contribution can you make to the class?

What is the point of bothering you?

We talked about various topics, including India’s energy security and my predictions for the future of shale oil/gas and EOR. She informed me about Stanford’s energy research institute and how I can apply my practical knowledge and the business skills gained through a MiM. Overall, it was good, ending with her inviting me to another informal meeting soon.

INSEAD MIM Interview Question- 4

I had a Round 1 interview. The alumni’s office served as the venue for my interview. I’ve observed that at INSEAD interviews, the interviewer and candidate are typically of the same gender.

The interviewer offered me a presentation topic to work on and said that she was more interested in seeing how well I could organize my thoughts than how much I knew about the subject. In addition to the presentation, the following queries were posed:

1. Please review your resume.

2. A few inquiries on my work history and other information I provided in my application.

3. Why INSEAD and why finance?

4. If I am accepted to all the schools I’ve applied to, which one will I choose?

5. What if INSEAD wants you to reapply the next year if you don’t get in this year?

6. What does leadership mean to you? Are you a leader?

7. How will you support peer education at INSEAD?

8. Describe your advantages and disadvantages.

The conversation lasted over two hours. It was rather comprehensive.

INSEAD MIM Interview Question- 5

INSEAD MIM Admission Committee interviewed candidates for a full half-hour. The following questions were posed to me:

1.One of the most common interview questions is, “Walk me through your resume.”

2.Issues with my current position, such as stakeholders, team size, work I do, and KPIs I manage

3.Why should I choose to be an individual contributor rather than a manager of people?

4.What would you do differently now that you have more experience as a manager of people than before?

5.Since I was a data scientist, what do you value most about data? Possibly asking if I wanted a master’s or a MiM would have followed if I hadn’t answered this question thoroughly. Six, why is a MiM and product management necessary?

6. What was it like interacting with people of different races? Have you given this any thought?

7. In what ways do you hope to make the most of your time at INSEAD?

8. With so many activities, how should one organize their time at INSEAD?

9. Besides this, are there any other schools you intend to apply to?
Interview Advice/Comments-

The more naturally flowing conversation was had. Always be sincere and attempt to back up your claims with professional examples. Research the school to learn about its strengths and how they relate to your goals. At this point, you can stop worrying because they like you. Have fun!

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