ESSEC MIM Interviews

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

Essec MIM Interviews

About MIM Interviews:

Academic and professional admissions depend on interviews. It helps evaluate candidates’ credentials, talents, and personality. Interviews allow assessors to interact with applicants and make holistic judgements. This crucial step helps institutions to discover the most promising individuals who can succeed in their programmes.

Typical Interview Method:

Interviews usually include numerous steps to evaluate an applicant’s profile. Individuals are shortlisted based on academic records, essays, and recommendation letters. Interviews might be face-to-face, telephonic, or video-based for shortlisted candidates.

The interview assesses an applicant’s topic knowledge, problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, and programme fit. They may ask broad and particular questions to gauge the applicant’s intelligence. Interviewers analyse motivation, personality, and fit with the institution’s ideals in addition to academic ability.

Interview panels use established criteria for fairness and uniformity. Academics, extracurriculars, leadership, and problem-solving may be considered. To evaluate a candidate’s capacity to collaborate, think critically, and solve issues under pressure, interviews may include practical exercises, group discussions, or case studies.

In conclusion, admission interviews help schools find extraordinary people with the talents, qualifications, and personalities to succeed in their programs. The systematic process allows evaluators to make educated selections and choose a varied and skilled group.

Essec MIM Frequently Asked Interview Questions

  1. What is a Master’s in Management (MIM) degree?
  2. What are the admission requirements for MIM programs?
  3. How does an MIM degree differ from an MBA?
  4. What career opportunities are available for MIM graduates?
  5. What are the popular universities offering MIM programs?
  6. How long does it typically take to complete a MIM degree?
  7. Can I pursue a Master’s in Management with a different undergraduate background?
  8. How much does a MIM program cost, and are there any scholarships available?
  9. What is the average salary for MIM graduates?
  10. What is the curriculum structure of MIM programs?

5 Tips to Ace Your MIM Interview:

Here are the five most important interview tips to help you succeed:

  1. Research the Program: Make sure you have a thorough understanding of the Masters in Management program you’re applying to. Know the curriculum, faculty, specializations, and any recent developments or achievements of the program. Tailor your responses during the interview to demonstrate your genuine interest and alignment with the program’s goals.
  2. Prepare for Common Questions: Anticipate and practice answering common interview questions such as “Why do you want to pursue a Masters’s in Management?”, “What are your career goals?”, “How will this program help you achieve your aspirations?”, and “What strengths do you bring to the program?”. Prepare thoughtful and concise responses that highlight your skills, experiences, and motivations.
  3. Showcase Your Experiences: Be ready to discuss your past experiences, both academic and professional, that are relevant to the field of management. Highlight leadership roles, team projects, internships, and any experiences that demonstrate your ability to work effectively in a managerial capacity. Use specific examples to illustrate your skills and accomplishments.
  4. Demonstrate Critical Thinking: Masters in Management programs value candidates who can think critically and analytically. Be prepared to discuss real-world business scenarios or case studies and articulate your problem-solving approach. Showcase your ability to weigh pros and cons, make data-driven decisions, and offer creative solutions to complex issues.
  5. Ask Thoughtful Questions: Towards the end of the interview, the interviewer may ask if you have any questions. Use this opportunity to ask insightful questions that demonstrate your genuine interest in the program. You could inquire about specific courses, opportunities for practical experience, networking events, or alumni success stories. This shows that you are proactive and engaged.

Key Tip: Stay calm and keep a smile on your face!

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Essec MIM Interview Experience-1

I got into the MIM programme at Essec. Recently, actually. Since this was my very first interview of any kind, I was understandably anxious. Even though both conventional and behavioural questions were asked, the interview maintained a conversational tone. The progression is not predetermined. The following are some questions:

Give me a summary of who you are.
Please explain why you think ESSEC is a good fit for you.

You just mentioned one school; what about the others? Have you been interviewed for a job before?
Tell me about your impressions of the event.
Where do your passions lie? How do you put your hopes and goals into motion?
As an alternative to an MBA, why choose the MiM?
Reasons for pursuing higher education in France are being sought.
The top universities in India are calling your name.
How did you decide which institutions to submit applications to?
Why should I choose ESSEC above other schools?
Share an example of when you had to take command of a group and what you learned from that experience.
We’re looking for people who can think of others as well as themselves. Give an example of a time when you helped another person grow.
Give me a rundown of your long-term objectives. And how exactly will ESSEC help you accomplish those goals?
Please share your employment history with me.
Please describe your past work experience, focusing on the knowledge and abilities you earned.
Explain how you hope to aid the development of the school.

The interview went quite well because of how well he put me at ease. Please know that I sincerely appreciate your time and effort.

Essec MIM Interview Experience-2

My meeting with the MiM programme admissions committee at ESSEC took place on October 14, 2022. About 40 minutes were allotted for the interview, and the questions had been presented in advance in debriefs. The following is a list of the inquiries made of me:

Have you applied anywhere else? Have you been interviewed for a job before?

How do you pursue something you’re passionate about?

Why do you advocate for the MiM?

Why are you interested in learning French?

Why not take advantage of the excellent educational opportunities available in your own country?

Why are you here? How do you put your hopes and goals into motion?

Why did you choose ESSEC?

How did you decide on the institutions to which you have applied?

We need people who have interests outside of themselves to join our team. Give an example of a time when you helped another person grow.

Why did you choose ESSEC above other universities?

Be honest and provide concrete evidence to support any assertions you make. Investigate the group to see if your objectives align with their offerings. Don’t worry, I wish you the best of luck.

Essec MIM Interview Experience-3

My interview for the Essec MiM programme took place through Zoom. It was destroyed on February 17, 2023. There was a full half an hour of it.

Tell me about your ultimate goals. How do you think ESSEC can help you accomplish these objectives?

Please give a brief summary of your work history, focusing on the transferable talents you’ve developed.

Please share your ideas for fostering the institution’s development.

What are your plans for after you finish school?

Explain how you would use your skills to enhance Essec.

Answering the question, “”What do you aim to gain from your stay at ESSEC?””

Tell me about your ultimate goals. How can ESSEC MiM help you accomplish these goals?

Please give a brief summary of your work history, focusing on the transferable talents you’ve developed.

I’m interested in hearing about a time when you had to manage a sizable team and the lessons you took away from that experience.

How many other people have been let go from their jobs recently?

I found everything we discussed to be interesting and worthwhile. The time passed quickly, only 45 minutes. Seeing her in previous institution webinars proved useful. She made extensive notes during our chat. That might turn out great or it might be disastrous. Nothing but time shall tell.

In short, always plan ahead. Find out how the programme works and how it can help you. The devil is in the specifics. Conducting practise interviews before a real one is a smart move. I revisited the videos I’d previously done in which I addressed frequently asked questions. As a human being, you are comprised of good and bad traits. That is a fact, and they are aware of it. The same should be true for you. Explain what you’ve done to better yourself, and you’ll show that you’re self-aware. Anyway, I’m praying that the summary was helpful.

Essec MIM Interview Experience-4

I had an interview for the ESSEC MiM Programme not too long ago. One of the admissions directors and a committee member interviewed me. The whole, relaxed interview lasted around 30 minutes. She took extra care to make me feel comfortable in my new house. As the saying goes, “Tell us about yourself.” As in, “Why ESSEC?” What about ESSEC stood out to you while evaluating it against other schools?

How did you decide on the schools that you sent applications to?

As an alternative to the MiM, why not pursue a Master of Business Administration degree?

Tell me about your long-term goals. How can ESSEC MiM help you accomplish these goals?

-What are you looking forward to learning at ESSEC?

One can ask, “Why France instead of India?”

Please share your professional background with us.

What are you most passionate about? How do you put your hopes and goals into motion?

What do you hope to bring to the table as an ESSEC classmate?

The candidate met with a single interviewer for a full half hour. Success to everyone who is trying. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Essec MIM Interview Experience-5

The Essec MIM interviewer and I recently had a talk. The entire interview lasted almost 25 minutes. The following is the sequence in which I had the ideas for interview questions:

First, briefly describe your work history.

Two, why do you find Essec so fascinating?

Third, what was my own objective, and how did I accomplish it?

Do you have any internship experience?

I fell short of a self-imposed deadline

Do you have any questions for her?


The interview questions were typical, so I breezed through them.

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