Emlyon Business School MiM Interview Questions

Interview Questions collected from Past clients

Emlyon Business School Master in Management

Candidates who are declared eligible for the interview are invited to an interview in the language they have chosen (English or French). The interview lasts 30 minutes and focuses on the candidate’s personality and motivation.

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MiM Interview Experience-1

  1. Could you outline your educational journey and share any pertinent professional experiences?
  2. What draws you to pursue a Master’s in Management at Emlyon Business School?
  3. In what ways do you envision leveraging your management expertise to propel your career forward?
  4. Narrate an occasion where you navigated through a challenging situation and elucidate your approach to resolution.
  5. What specific attributes of the Emlyon MIM program resonate with you the most?
  6. Detail your plan for engaging in extracurricular activities and contributing to the vibrant Emlyon community.
  7. Share an instance where you exhibited exemplary leadership qualities.
  8. Define your immediate and long-term professional aspirations and how they align with the Emlyon MIM program.

MiM Interview Experience-2

  1. Can you provide a snapshot of your educational and professional background?
  2. What factors influenced your decision to pursue a Master’s in Management at Emlyon Business School?
  3. Explain how you intend to apply the program’s knowledge and skills in your future career.
  4. Elaborate on a situation where you successfully addressed a challenging issue and your approach to resolution.
  5. What unique benefits do you believe you can contribute to the Emlyon student community?
  6. Share insights into your time management and task prioritization strategies.
  7. Narrate an experience when you effectively led a group towards a common objective.
  8. Do you have any queries regarding the Emlyon MIM program’s curriculum or campus life?

MiM Interview Experience-3

  1. Briefly summarize your educational background and professional journey.
  2. What motivated your decision to continue education through the Emlyon MIM program?
  3. Describe your plans for applying the program’s knowledge and skills to shape your future career.
  4. Illustrate a situation where you demonstrated outstanding cooperation and collaboration skills.
  5. Recall a significant obstacle you encountered and share how you overcame it.

MiM Interview Experience-4

  1. Narrate your academic journey and the events that sparked your interest in management.
  2. What prompted you to choose the Emlyon MIM program for further studies?
  3. Detail your plans for applying the program’s knowledge and skills in your future professional role.
  4. Share an instance where you analyzed complex business facts and derived insightful conclusions.
  5. Highlight specific Emlyon opportunities and resources you believe will contribute to your growth.
  6. Discuss your decision-making approach in situations of uncertainty and limited information.
  7. Provide an example of when you displayed resilience in the face of difficulty.
  8. Any inquiries about the program’s alumni network or the faculty’s primary areas of research?

MiM Interview Experience-5

  1. Summarize your educational background briefly.
  2. What factors led you to enroll in the MIM program at Emlyon Business School?
  3. How do you plan to apply the program’s knowledge and abilities in your future career?
  4. Recall a situation where you effectively communicated and negotiated.
  5. Specify aspects of the Emlyon curriculum aligning with your professional goals.
  6. Describe your approach to working in multicultural and diverse teams.
  7. Share an instance when you acted independently and had a significant impact.

My advise to prospective applicants is that approach your interview with authenticity, sharing your unique journey and aspirations. See it as a chance not only for Emlyon’s AdCom to know you but for you to envision your fit within this community. Ask questions that matter to you, and may this interview be the first step towards an exciting chapter at Emlyon.

All the very best!!

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