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Introduction to DCU Business School MSc in Management

The DCU Business School’s MSc in Management (Business) is a dynamic postgraduate program designed for individuals seeking a comprehensive foundation in management, even without prior business or management degrees. This one-year, full-time program offers a rigorous curriculum encompassing essential business disciplines such as accounting, economics, HR management, and marketing, while nurturing critical analytical, technical, teamwork, presentation, report writing, and communication skills.

It distinguishes itself through practical experience gained from working with industry clients, fostering the transformation of students into confident, skilled business professionals. The program incorporates cutting-edge modules on technology management, data analytics, and business process innovation to address contemporary business challenges. Furthermore, the Next Generation Management module hones competencies in personal and career development, research skills, global awareness, and digital media, enhancing graduates’ readiness for leadership roles. With accreditation by AACSB and a strong reputation, DCU Business School offers a pathway to success in diverse career paths, making it a top choice for aspiring managers and leaders.


Why Study DCU Business School MSc in Management?


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Studying the DCU Business School MSc in Management offers a transformative educational experience, equipping you with essential skills and knowledge for a successful career in the dynamic world of business. This program is designed for individuals without prior business or management degrees, making it accessible to a diverse range of backgrounds.

You’ll benefit from a comprehensive curriculum covering key business disciplines such as accounting, economics, HRM, and marketing. The emphasis on practical application, including real-world projects and industry engagement, ensures you graduate as a confident and capable business professional.

DCU Business School’s international reputation, AACSB accreditation, and a top 90 ranking in the Financial Times solidify its commitment to excellence. You’ll have the flexibility to choose between a dissertation or a practicum, gaining valuable academic and practical experience.

Join a network of successful alumni working in prestigious organizations worldwide, and position yourself for a rewarding career. DCU’s innovative and enterprising approach to education sets you on a path to success in the competitive business landscape.

Program Costs + Living Expenses : DCU Business School MSc in Management


Avg. Cost of Tuition/Year



Avg. Living Cost/Quarter

The program costs and living expenses for the DCU Business School MSc in Management can vary depending on several factors, including your residency status, lifestyle choices, and the location of your accommodation. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here is a general overview:

Program Costs (Tuition Fees):

  • EU Status Fee: €10,955 per year.
  • Non-EU Fee: €17,000 per year.

Please note that tuition fees may have changed since then, and it’s essential to verify the most current fees on the official DCU Business School website or by contacting the school directly.

Living Expenses: Living expenses can also vary widely based on your personal choices and the cost of living in Dublin, where DCU is located. On average, students might budget for:

  • Accommodation (rent, utilities, etc.): Approximately €800 to €1,500 per month, depending on the type and location of housing.
  • Food and groceries: Around €250 to €400 per month.
  • Transportation: Roughly €50 to €100 per month for public transportation.
  • Miscellaneous expenses (books, entertainment, etc.): Variable but budget for around €100 to €200 per month.

Employement Prospects : DCU Business School MSc in Management

The DCU Business School MSc in Management program is designed to enhance your employment prospects by equipping you with a strong foundation in business disciplines and valuable practical skills. Here are some key points regarding employment prospects for graduates of this program:

  1. Diverse Career Opportunities: This program is suitable for individuals from various academic backgrounds, opening up a wide range of career opportunities in the business world. Graduates can pursue roles in areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, consulting, and more.

  2. Strong Alumni Network: DCU Business School has a robust alumni network with graduates working in prestigious organizations globally. This network can provide valuable connections and opportunities for career advancement.

  3. AACSB Accreditation: DCU Business School’s accreditation by AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) reflects its commitment to high-quality education and enhances the credibility of your degree in the eyes of employers.

  4. Real-World Experience: The program’s emphasis on practical experience through projects with industry clients, as well as the option to choose a practicum, ensures that graduates have hands-on experience relevant to their chosen fields.

  5. CIMA Exemptions: Graduates with non-business undergraduate degrees can earn up to 8 exemptions for the CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) qualification, which is highly valuable in finance and accounting careers.

  6. High Employability: As of my last update in September 2021, DCU graduates are highly sought after by employers. Many alumni have secured management roles in leading organizations both in Ireland and abroad.

  7. Career Services: DCU typically offers career services and support to help students and graduates with job placements, including assistance with CV writing, interview preparation, and access to job postings.

Eligibility Criteria for DCU Business School MSc in Management

Academic Qualifications:

  • A four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited college is required of all students.
  • Students who possess a relevant technical background in engineering, physics, or another related field and meet the aforementioned degree requirement.
  • Students accepted to Stanford have an overall high school GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Student Eligibility for Indians:

If an Indian student satisfies one of the following requirements, they may apply: completed a 4-year UG degree with a first-class grade from an accredited university in a relevant discipline.

Note: Stanford does not consider a three-year bachelor’s degree in any discipline to be sufficient for graduate study. After receiving a three-year bachelor’s degree from India, you must complete a two-year master’s programme.

  • International students from non-English speaking countries must also meet the basic eligibility standards.
  • Avg. Score in IELTS 7.0 / 9
  • Avg. Score in TOEFL100 / 120
  • Avg. Score in PTE 68 / 90
  • Avg. Score in GRE 328 / 340

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FAQs About DCU Business School MSc in Management

The program typically has a duration of 1 year for full-time students.


DCU Business School may offer scholarships based on various criteria. Applicants should check the official website or contact the school for scholarship information and eligibility criteria.


Yes, the program is designed for individuals from non-business backgrounds who want to pursue a career in management. It provides foundational knowledge in business disciplines.


Graduates can pursue careers in various fields, including finance, marketing, human resources, consulting, and more. The program’s practical focus prepares students for a range of roles.


Application Process & timeline

We strongly advise all our clients to have a proper excel sheet or a timetables mapped out.
Once you are done with GMAT the entire application process usually take 4-6 weeks

Step 1

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2-3 months.

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Step 3

Application Prep

3-4 weeks at least. 

Start writing at least 1 month in advance of their 1st deadline. First application usually takes the longest.

Step 4

Interview Prep

1 week

School will notify you and give you roughly 1 week to schedule your interview. Ideally, start your prep ASAP and Do some mock interviews.

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