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Introduction to USC Marshall MSBA

The USC Marshall MSBA program is a data science STEM program with a business lens. It is one of the longest-running MSBA programs in the nation and has consistently been ranked among the world’s top programs. The program includes project-based learning in the classroom, so our students acquire deeper business analytics knowledge through active exploration of real business challenges and problems. These projects cover a range of business areas including finance, operations, marketing, management, supply chain, sports analytics, and HR.

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Avg. Age

1.5 Yrs.

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Avg. Tuition


Avg. Salary

What is a good GMAT score for USC Marshall MSBA?

Short Answer – The average GMAT score at USC Marshall, MSBA is 712 for the last entering class. If you score above 712, you have a fair shot and you will receive an encouraging response to your profile evaluation from the admission committee. 

Long Answer – There is no such thing as a safe score, higher is always better. In our years of consulting experience, we have seen our clients with 640 getting selected into top schools like MIT SLOAN and on the other hand, someone with a 770 getting rejected too. A good benchmark that we advise all our clients to beat is the average GMAT score of the last entering class as mentioned in the Class profile published every year. Scoring above the average gets you a fair shot; 

“The higher your score, the better is it for your interview or admission chance.” 

If you plan to apply with a score below the average, then you are starting a fight with one hand tied behind your back or, say, starting a few yards behind your competitors. You can catch up in other application sections by writing outstanding essays or performing well in an interview later. But it is always nice to start ahead of the competitor. A higher GMAT score helps one gain a competitive advantage.

“What if you are from the over-represented Indian or Asian Pool?”

The over-represented candidate pool of Indian or Chinese applicants usually goes through a rigorous preparation process for GMAT, with a lot of Indian applicants scoring quite high. Hence, the overall competition and the Average score for this diaspora go up by a few notches. That is why we recommend candidates within the most over-represented profiles shoot at least 20 points higher than the school’s class profile average. 

Why Study at USC Marshall MSBA?



Employment Prospects : USC Marshall MSBA


Employed within 3 months of graduation


Avg. Salary

The average salary at USC Marshall for the last graduating class was $100,863. 96% of the class was employed within 3 months of graduation with the majority of the class going into consulting (21%), Finance (23%) and technology (29%) oriented functional roles. 

Key Employers

Eligibility Criteria for USC Marshall MSBA

All applicants must have completed at least one statistics course at the undergraduate level or above, with no exceptions.

Eligible statistics courses must be taken for credit from an accredited college or university, and must cover all the following topics:

1. Basic probability

2. Probability distributions (normal, exponential, etc.)

3. Inferential statistics such t-tests, and Chi-square test, confidence intervals, and sampling

4.Intro to linear regression

If you have questions about whether a class you took qualifies as statistics after reviewing the above, you may email the syllabus to our office, [email protected]. Note: Prior programing experience is not required.

Application Deadlines - USC Marshall MSBA

Important Dates:

Application opens: October 1, 2023
International Student Deadline: April 15, 2024
Welcome Week: August 19-23, 2024
Classes begin: August 26, 2024

Round 1November 15, 2023
Round 2January 15, 2024
Round 3March 15, 2024
Round 4April 15, 2024
Round 5

Rolling Admissions until Fall 2024 Cohort is full, or the final deadline of May 15 passes**

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First Semester (Fall)

GSBA 545: Data Driven Decision Making (1.5 units)

DSO 545: Statistical Computing and Data Visualization (3 units)

DSO 570: The Analytics Edge: Data, Models, and Effective Decisions (3 units)

DSO 552: SQL Databases for Business Analysts (1.5 units)

GSBA 542: Communication for Management (1.5 units)

Second Semester (Spring)

DSO 510: Business Analytics (1.5 units)

DSO 530: Applied Modern Statistical Learning Methods (3 units)

DSO 553: NoSQL Databases in Big Data (1.5 units)

Elective (3 units)

Elective (1.5 units)


DSO 595: Internship in Data Sciences or Operations (0-1.5 units)

Third Semester (Fall)

DSO 573*: Data Analytics Driven Dynamic Strategy & Execution (3 units)

Elective (3 units)

Elective (3 units)

Elective (1.5-3 units)

*DSO 573 can be replaced with DSO 574 (Getting Ready for Big Data), which is offered in the Spring or DSO 556 Business Models for Digital Platforms

Program Costs + Living Expenses : USC Marshall MSBA

The Tuition fee for USC Marshall MSBA is $72,501 and an additional  $20,030 living cost is required for sustenance. 

The USC MSBA program offers a limited amount of scholarships to admitted students. Domestic and international students are eligible and should apply early for priority scholarship consideration. You just need to answer an additional essay question within the application for admission in order to apply for the scholarship.

Important Scholarships

$ 72,501 

Avg. Cost of Tuition



Avg. Living Cost


Avg. Cost of Study

FAQs About USC Marshall MSBA

A few years of work experience is preferred for admission to USC Business Analytics course, but not required.

To be in the USC Business Analytics program, the applicant must have earned the equivalent of a 4-year U.S. bachelor’s degree with a competitive GPA. Applicants in the process of finishing an undergraduate degree may apply, with acceptance contingent on finishing the undergraduate degree and the ability to be physically present at the start of the program. 

The applicant needs to pay a Nonrefundable application fee of $155 to be eligible for USC Business Analytics admission. USC students/staff/alumni, US military veterans, and select other groups qualify for an application fee waiver. 

The final deadline for international students for USC Business Analytics admission may be a bit earlier than for domestic students. This is to ensure time for visa processing. 

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