Minnesota Carlson Sample Essays and Recommendation Letters

Free Samples from Past Clients

Minnesota Carlson MSBA Sample Essays

You must submit essay responses to the questions detailed below (approximately 2 pages maximum).

 What draws you to business analytics as a field? Why are you interested in the Carlson School’s Business Analytics program specifically? (approximately 200 words)

What career roles (job positions, industries, companies) would you be interested in landing directly after completion of the program? How will the Carlson School’s Business Analytics program help you achieve your career goals? (approximately 275 words)

An aptitude for technical and quantitative work is necessary for success in the Business Analytics program. Please provide a specific example(s) from your past academic project, internship, or professional experience where you used a computer programming language, technical/quantitative tool or method to solve a problem. Please provide details describing the problem/situation, the actions you took, the specific tools, programming languages, and methods you used, and the results of your actions. (approximately 275 words)

Please answer each prompt separately. You may copy/paste each prompt into your document.

The admissions committee will review both the content of your responses and your ability to communicate clearly in writing.

Minnesota Carlson MSBA Recommendation Letters

Two recommendations are required. Recommendations can come from professional and academic recommenders, though we suggest at least one recommendation come from a supervisor if you have professional experience.

Note: You do not need to solicit letters of recommendation from your recommenders. You will provide the contact info for your recommenders and the form will automatically be emailed to them from GMAC’s Common Letter of Recommendation. Your recommender may attach a letter of recommendation should they choose.

We recommend starting your application early so you can enter the recommender contact information right away before continuing to work on your application. Both recommenders must complete the recommendation form for your application to be considered complete. All recommendations must be received before the deadline for which you would like to be considered.

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