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Introduction to IE MSBA

The Master in Business Analytics & Big Data puts that power in your hands. With the most comprehensive curriculum in the sector, it provides the newly necessary hard skills in AI, data visualization and machine learning, with soft skills like leadership development to fully round out your professional profile. Want to specialize in a particular aspect of the sector? You can do so, with a wide range of electives and concentrations covering everything from Fintech to Industry 4.0 and the FMCG sector.

The Master in Business Analytics & Big Data is the complete program that will future-proof your career, putting you front and center for the most in-demand jobs of tomorrow.

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3 Yrs.

Work Experience

€ 46.2K

Avg. Cost of Study


Months Duration 

€ 65K

Avg. Salary

Why Study IE MSBA?



  • In-Demand Skills: Studying Big Data equips you with skills that are in high demand in the job market. As recruiters increasingly seek professionals with expertise in data analysis and interpretation, having a background in Big Data can make you a valuable asset.

  • Career Opportunities: The rise of Big Data has led to an explosion of career opportunities. From data scientists and analysts to machine learning engineers and business intelligence specialists, the job market is brimming with roles that require a strong foundation in handling and analyzing large datasets.

  • Recruiter Attraction: As businesses continue to recognize the importance of data-driven decision-making, recruiters actively seek candidates with Big Data skills. By studying Big Data, you position yourself as a candidate with a competitive edge, making recruiters more likely to approach you for exciting job opportunities.

  • Competitive Advantage: In a world where information is key, possessing the ability to navigate and extract insights from vast amounts of data provides a distinct competitive advantage. Whether you’re working in finance, healthcare, marketing, or any other industry, the ability to harness Big Data can set you apart from your peers.

Program Costs + Living Expenses : IE MSBA

€ 35,200 

Avg. Cost of Tuition/Quarter


€ 11,000

Avg. Living Cost/Quarter


Avg. Cost of Study

The Tuition fee for IE MSBA course is € 35,200 and an additional  € 11,000 living cost is required owing to the duration of 11 months for course completion. IE offers more than 200 scholarships in order to help students achieve their goals.

Important Scholarships

Employment Prospects : IE MSBA


Employed within 3 months of graduation


Avg. Salary

 Key Employers

  • Google
  • Uber
  • Bosch
  • Amazon
  • IBM

IE Business Analytics Employment salary for the last graduating class was €65,000. 91% of the class was employed within 6 months of graduation with the majority of the class going into consulting (19%), Finance (16%) and technology (38%) oriented functional roles. 

IE Foundation, students, alumni, parents, corporate partners and other benefactors support IE’s groundbreaking Financial Aid program that provides topnotch education to highly qualified candidates from around the world, regardless of their economic situation.

Admission Requirements for IE MSBA

1. Fill out the online application form: Candidates should complete the sections that appear in the online application form and upload the required documents. You can access the online application application form (Part-time or Full-time)

2. Online assessment: Once you have submitted the online application and paid the application fee, you will receive a link to the online assessment, known as the Kira Assessment Kira. This allows the admissions team to get a sense of your personality and potential before proceeding to a possible interview. Completing the assessment is simple—you will be given 3 questions to answer in a set amount of time. One of your responses will be written, and two will be recorded via video. The whole process should only take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

3. Entrance exam*: Candidates are required to take either the GMAT, GR E, or IE Global Admissions Test ieGAT.

4. Personal Interview: Once you have completed the previous steps, the Admissions Committee will review your application and determine whether to advance you to the final interview phase. The interview will allow us to get to know you better, and further assess certain qualities, such as your personality, capacity for critical thinking, method of self-expression and other communication skills. Our objective is to gauge your potential as a part of IE University, developing a mutually beneficial relationship both personally and academically. This interview can be either face-to-face or via video conference.

5. Final Committee Decision: Once you have completed the application form, submitted the required documentation, and attended the personal interview, your application is reviewed by the University’s Admissions Committee. This is the last step of your application and it will take roughly 1-3 weeks for the Admissions Committee to get back to you with a final decision via e-mail. The first step to apply is to complete and submit the(Part-time or Full-time). You will need to register with your personal email on our platform and create a password so you can access it as many times as you need.

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Application Deadlines - IE MSBA

There is no deadline because we have a rolling admissions process, which means that you can apply at any time of the year. However, due to the large number of applications we receive, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible. Keep in mind that a student visa time issue may vary from country to country, for more information please visit Student Services.

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Specializations & Electives Offered

  • Smart Health
  • Industry 4.0
  • FinTech
  • Advanced AI
  •  Retail and FMCG
  •  Entertainment


A Master in Big Data is a program designed to mould data scientists of the future also called the IE Business Analytics program. By studying their Master in Big Data you will learn how to gather, analyze, manipulate and present data to draw strategic business decisions. 

IE Business Analytics program graduates or to say data science professionals are in high demand. The number of data science/analysis roles is growing massively, and around 40% of those positions require a master’s or PhD. Opportunities exist in every sector and Harvard called it “the hottest job of the 21st century.”

You can enter all types of work experience for IE Business Analytics program admission in the Education and Experience section as well as detail these experiences on your CV (Resumé).

Only the applicants who clear the initial round of screening of IE Business Analytics program are invited to participate in an interview. The interview is an integral part of the application that gives a one-to-one chance to interact and get admission to the course.

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