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Edhec Sample Essays and Recommendation Letters

Edhec MSBA Sample Essay

Letter of motivation- Please write a motivation letter explaining the following:

– Your career goals and how the  Master of Science programme will help you achieve them.

– How your academic and professional background as well as personal characteristics equip you to follow the chosen programme and to make a positive contribution to it.

– How your personality and your experiences have prepared you to function as a team member and group leader in an international and culturally diverse environment.

– Why you are applying for this particular programme and why you want to study in France.

Your essay should be typed and double-spaced. Include your name and the programme for which you are applying in the footer of each page.

Please remember that your statement of intent is a very important part of your application, which will help the Admissions Committee understand your personality, motivation and potential for management as well as the contribution you would make to the chosen programme as a member of the class.

Your essay should not exceed 1500 words.


Edhec MSBA Recommendation Letters

Please write a short candid description of the candidate. We are particularly interested in the candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and characteristics that would help the Selection Committee judge the candidate’s aptitude to succeed in the programme. Specific examples are more useful than generalisations.

  1. Please describe the candidate’s potential for becoming a responsible and successful manager in international business compared with other students or employees whom you have known in a similar capacity.
  2. How would you characterize the candidate’s major strengths?
  3. What do you consider to be his or her major weaknesses?
  4. How would you evaluate the candidate’s motivation, initiative and drive? Please give examples.
  5. How do you see the candidate’s career progressing over the next five years?
  6. Are there other issues you think the Admissions Office should consider in assessing this candidate’s suitability for the chosen MSc programme(s).

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