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Introduction to Colorado Boulder Business Analytics

Pursuing a Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) at the University of Colorado Boulder is a strategic choice for those aspiring to thrive in the dynamic world of data-driven decision-making. Our MSBA program equips students with the technical skills and knowledge necessary to make informed, evidence-based decisions that drive success in both business and government sectors.

In today’s data-centric landscape, the ability to extract valuable insights from vast datasets is an invaluable skill. The MS in Business Analytics program at Colorado Boulder is designed to prepare students for this challenge. Our comprehensive coursework is built on a foundation of utilizing cutting-edge software tools, including SAS, Simio, Tableau, and Excel, to access and manipulate data. 

This hands-on approach empowers students to analyze data effectively, develop mathematical models, and employ technology to facilitate sound decision-making. In addition, students gain a fundamental understanding of data structures, functions, and programming logic, enabling them to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving field.



Course Credits




Avg. Cost of Study


Months Duration 


Avg. Salary

Why Study Colorado Boulder Business Analytics?



By choosing the MSBA program at Colorado Boulder, you embark on a journey that not only provides you with the technical proficiency required in data analytics but also fosters a deep-rooted commitment to producing actionable insights. 

Our program’s focus on evidence-based information ensures that you graduate with the skills and expertise to drive positive change and excel as a data-driven decision-maker in an array of industries.

Program Costs + Living Expenses : Colorado Boulder Business Analytics


Avg. Cost of Tuition




Avg. Living Cost


Avg. Cost of Study

At the Colorado University – Auraria Campus, students can expect a transparent fee structure designed to support a wide range of essential services and facilities. The per-term consolidated fee of $127.66 contributes to several vital AHEC/tri-institutional fees. 

These include the Auraria Bond Fee, which ensures the ongoing development and maintenance of campus infrastructure, the Auraria Energy Renewal Fee which promotes sustainable energy initiatives, the Auraria Student Facilities Fee to enhance campus amenities, the Auraria Student Health Center Fee, which provides healthcare services, and support for The Phoenix Center at Auraria, an essential resource for student well-being. This fee structure underscores the commitment to student welfare, access to modern facilities, and the overall success of the campus community.

Additionally, students contribute to the university’s diverse and vibrant campus through a per-term Student Services Fee of $185.00. This fee is essential for supporting a wide array of student support programs and events. It plays a pivotal role in funding programs such as academic advising, career development services, identity and inclusion initiatives, club sports, counselling services, campus events, and numerous student organizations. 

Moreover, this fee also supports the Office of Student Life and Campus Community, creating a dynamic campus environment that fosters academic and personal growth. The transparent fee structure at Colorado University – Auraria Campus reflects a commitment to providing students with a rich and supportive educational experience.

Employment Prospects : Colorado Boulder Business Analytics


Employed within 3 months of graduation


Avg. Salary

    Most Sought-after Jobs

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Process Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineer
  • Consultant/Analyst

Colorado presents a promising landscape for business analytics professionals, with a robust economy and diverse industries. The state’s GDP has seen substantial growth, and it’s home to both Fortune 500 companies and startups, offering numerous job opportunities. Business analytics experts in Colorado enjoy higher median salaries than the national average, with particularly strong prospects in fields like Management Analysis, making it an ideal destination for those in this field.

Colorado ranks high for projected job growth in business analytics, especially for Management Analyst roles, offering third-highest growth in the country. The state provides competitive wages across various cities, including Denver, Boulder, and Colorado Springs, making it an attractive option for professionals seeking competitive compensation.

Colorado’s colleges and universities offer excellent analytics degree programs, making it an ideal place for students interested in data science and business analytics. With a strong economy and diverse job market, Colorado continues to be a promising location for experts in this field.

Eligibility Criteria for Colorado Boulder Business Analytics

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants must have completed an undergraduate program at an accredited United States college or its equivalent in another country.
  • No work experience or formal business education is required for admission; however, you may have to provide a GMAT or GRE score if you do not have enough work experience, see below.

The GMAT/GRE is not required for this program

This program does not require GMAT or GRE scores for their degree program as part of the graduate admissions requirements. The requirements are a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better from a US-accredited four-year undergraduate institution or the successful completion of a graduate degree, and five or more years of full-time relevant professional work experience.

Documents required : Colorado Boulder Business Analytics

Application Checklist

 $50 domestic, $75 international application fee
 Online application
 Official transcripts from each college or university attended
 Essay responses
 GMAT/GRE score if required
 English language proficiency—international applicants only

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Scholarships Available : Colorado Boulder Business Analytics

Scholarships are available for students. The Business School offers a recurring scholarship opportunity for applicants based on merit at the time of admission.

As a current student, you can apply for additional scholarships every semester. Some awards are based on program and course enrollment. Certain specializations including risk management and insurance, commodities, and entrepreneurship have additional scholarship opportunities.

Specializations & Electives Offered

Electives (12 hours)

Additional coursework can be tailored to your interests and include special topics. Course topics include:


  • Project management
  • Predictive modeling
  • Text data analytics
  • Network modeling
  • Data visualization
  • Supply chain management
  • VBA for business analytics


Every student completes a track in decision science, marketing analytics, security analytics or healthcare analytics.

You can enter all types of work experience in the Education and Experience section as well as detailing these experiences on your CV (Resumé).

The duration of the course is either 10 months (full-time, in-person) or 2 years (part-time, online).

Yes, electives are a must. They take 12 hour course credit.

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