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Introduction to California Davis Business Analytics

The University of California, Davis, is renowned for its commitment to excellence in education and research. Its Business Analytics program is no exception. UC Davis is strategically located in Northern California, home to Silicon Valley and numerous tech giants, offering a unique environment for aspiring business analytics professionals. 

The program is designed to equip students with cutting-edge skills in data analysis, enabling them to thrive in the ever-evolving world of business intelligence. UC Davis has a strong reputation for innovation and industry collaboration, making it an ideal choice for those looking to pursue a Business Analytics course that combines academic rigor with real-world application.


Course Credits




Avg. Cost of Study


Months Duration 


Avg. Salary

Why Study California Davis Business Analytics ?



There are several positive outcomes that can result from taking a course in business analytics at UC Davis. To begin, the close proximity to Silicon Valley makes it possible to participate in internships, network with other professionals, and be exposed to companies that are driven by technology.

Second, in order to ensure that graduates are adequately equipped for employment in a data-driven corporate environment, the curriculum of the program has been modified to suit the requirements of this landscape.In addition, UC Davis offers a robust alumni network and ties with top businesses, which make it easier for students to further their careers and find jobs after graduation.

In the end, UC Davis is a great option for students who are interested in a career in business analytics and are looking for a school that offers a curriculum that blends academic rigor with hands-on experience in the field.

California Davis Business Analytics Program Costs + Living Expenses


Avg. Cost of Tuition



Avg. Living Cost


Avg. Cost of Study

For students considering the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program at the University of California, Davis, it is essential to understand the breakdown of estimated expenses for the 2023-24 academic year. The UC Davis Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships carefully establishes these costs to provide a clear picture of the financial requirements for prospective students.

  1. MSBA Program Fees: $60,104

   The most substantial portion of the estimated expenses is the MSBA program fees, totaling $60,104. These fees cover the cost of tuition and related academic expenses, including access to faculty expertise, cutting-edge curriculum, and state-of-the-art facilities.

  1. Health Insurance Fee: $6,881

   Health insurance is a critical component of student life, ensuring that you have access to necessary medical care during your studies. The estimated health insurance fee for the 2023-24 academic year is $6,881. This fee helps to cover the cost of health insurance premiums and medical services.

  1. Books & Supplies: $946

   To excel in your coursework, you will need textbooks, reference materials, and other supplies. The estimated cost for books and supplies is $946. This category ensures that you have access to the necessary resources for your academic success.

  1. Living Expenses: $28,927

   Living expenses encompass a wide range of costs associated with daily life. This category includes housing and utilities, food, and personal/miscellaneous expenses. It is crucial to allocate a substantial portion of your budget to these expenses to maintain a comfortable standard of living while pursuing your MSBA degree.

  1. Transportation: $3,571

   Transportation costs account for getting around the campus, city, or commuting to classes. This category includes expenses such as public transportation fares, gas, parking fees, and vehicle maintenance. The estimated transportation cost for the academic year is $3,571.

  1. Total Budget: $100,429

   The total budget for the 2023-24 academic year is $100,429. This figure represents the sum of all the aforementioned expenses, providing a comprehensive overview of the financial commitment required for your MSBA program at UC Davis.

It’s important to note that these estimated expenses are subject to change, and students should verify the most up-to-date figures with the UC Davis Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships. Additionally, financial aid and scholarship opportunities may help offset some of these costs, making it essential to explore available funding options to support your education at UC Davis.

California Davis Business Analytics: Employment Prospects


Employed within 6 months of graduation


Avg. Salary

    Most Sought-after Jobs

Investment manager.

Change management engineer

Fashion retail project manager

Capital markets analyst


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

The UC Davis Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program has consistently demonstrated exceptional career outcomes for its graduates, as reflected in the MSBA Class of 2020-2021 Placement Report. The report highlights the impressive job placement and compensation achievements of the graduates:

Placement Success:

Nearly all members of the UC Davis MSBA Class of 2020-2021 secured job offers within just six months of graduation. This remarkable placement rate underscores the high demand for UC Davis MSBA graduates in the job market, reflecting their strong analytical skills and business acumen.

Average Starting Compensation:

One of the standout features of the MSBA Class of 2020-2021 is the historic high in average starting compensation. Graduates are earning an average annual salary of $109,038, showcasing the program’s ability to prepare students for lucrative career opportunities in the field of business analytics. Additionally, the average bonus offered to these graduates six months post-graduation is $9,411, further enhancing their overall compensation package.

Employer Highlights:

The report highlights several prestigious employers that have hired UC Davis MSBA graduates, including tech giants like Amazon and Meta, financial institutions like BlackRock, and prominent technology companies such as Seagate, Zendesk, and Sumo Logic. These employers recognize the value of UC Davis MSBA graduates and actively seek them out to fill critical roles.

Diverse Career Paths:

UC Davis MSBA graduates have embarked on diverse career paths, with 81% of alumni employed in roles related to business/data analysis or data science as of January 2022. These roles encompass a wide range of positions, including Senior/Business Analyst roles, Senior/Data Analyst positions, and consulting roles. Graduates have also pursued careers in data engineering, software engineering, client services, quality assurance, and technical program management, highlighting the versatility and applicability of their skills across various industries and sectors.

Top Employers for Alumni:

The report also provides insights into the top current employers for all MSBA alumni, showcasing a roster of influential companies such as Amazon, Meta, Google, Tesla, LinkedIn, and Atlassian. These employers have consistently recognized the value of UC Davis MSBA graduates and continue to hire them for critical roles within their organizations.

In summary, the UC Davis MSBA program stands out for its remarkable track record of job placement success, competitive compensation packages, and the diverse array of career opportunities it offers to its graduates. This report underscores the program’s commitment to equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the rapidly evolving field of business analytics, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a rewarding and impactful career in this dynamic field.

Eligibility Criteria for California Davis Business Analytics

  • A bachelor’s degree equivalent to a four-year U.S. bachelor’s degree—16 total years of education. Alternatively a three-year undergraduate degree with a one-year postgraduate diploma or other graduate degree
  • GMAT or GRE (GMAT/GRE waivers available)
  • TOEFL or IELTS where applicable
  • Successful completion of coursework in these primary areas:
    • Computing
    • Mathematics
    • Statistics

Documents required : California Davis Business Analytics

  • Online Application: Students must submit an online application form at the official website.
  • Application Fee: Students need to submit their application fees.
  • Essay-Two required; one optional
  • Statement of Purpose: Reasons or intentions for pursuing studies in this program, including a description of prior experience.
  • 3 Letters of Recommendation: Three letters of recommendation are required; one letter must come from an academic source, although at least two are preferred. Recommendations must be submitted online. 
  • Official GRE Test Scores: Students have to submit their GRE Test Scores.
  • ELP Scores: Students must submit their English language proficiency scores like IELTS, TOEFL, or other test scores.
  • Virtual Interview-Invite only.

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Scholarships Available : California Davis Business Analytics

– Z by HP Aggie Scholarship:

 The Z by HP Aggie Scholarship is a prestigious award designed to recognize outstanding MSBA students at UC Davis. Recipients of this scholarship receive substantial financial support of $40,000 for their MSBA studies, with Z by HP contributing $20,000, and UC Davis GSM matching with a $20,000 Dean’s scholarship.

This scholarship aims to honor students who demonstrate leadership qualities or serve as role models in their communities. Additionally, it values a commitment to promoting diversity in the field of data analytics or business and seeks candidates who understand and aspire to address social, cultural, economic, and professional barriers faced by different segments of society.

– Graduate School of Management Merit Awards: 

The Graduate School of Management at UC Davis offers Merit Awards to eligible MSBA candidates. These awards are based on merit and consider factors such as leadership experience, academic achievements, and professional accomplishments. Importantly, candidates are automatically considered for these awards as part of the admission process, eliminating the need for a separate scholarship application.

 These merit-based awards underscore UC Davis’ commitment to recognizing and supporting students who demonstrate exceptional potential and excellence in their academic and professional pursuits.

– Support for U.S. Armed Forces Members: 

UC Davis GSM is dedicated to assisting U.S. armed forces members in their transition to civilian work or return to service. The program offers financial support to eligible MSBA students by providing grants of up to $6,000. These grants cover tuition expenses not covered by the Post-9/11 GI Bill, offering financial relief to military-affiliated students pursuing their education. 

To qualify, students must be employed while studying and maintain a 50 percent or greater capacity with their current employer during the program. This scholarship is also open to working professionals who do not receive financial support from their employers and whose offices are located within 100 miles of the UC Hastings campus. These initiatives reflect UC Davis’ commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that a diverse range of students can access and excel in the MSBA program.


You’ll work with globally ranked faculty and as part of small student teams to build your skills in:

  • data modeling
  • databases
  • regression
  • data mining
  • machine learning
  • operations research methods
  • methods for acquiring, storing, handling and representing data
  • strategic thinking
  • data-driven communication
  • project management
  • leadership

Students must complete 44 units to meet the graduation requirements, including a practicum project course that spans the duration of the program.

FAQs About California Davis Business Analytics

On some years, the admissions team is able to accept applications on a rolling, space-available basis.  When this happens, the admissions team will first finish processing candidates who applied during regular rounds. After this is completed, they will then process completed applications that have been submitted during the rolling-space available timeframe. They cannot comment if there is space available give the nature of application processing. If you are interested in being considered, the best option is to connect with the MSBA team via office hours or email, and to submit your materials to get into the queue. 

Work experience is not required for admission, but will certainly be considered as part of your overall applicant profile if you do have an employment history. The UC Davis MSBA program admits students with a range of experience as well as students who enroll directly from an undergraduate program without traditional work experience. Not having post-undergraduate work experience will not put an applicant at a disadvantage for admission. However, internships and leadership activities are critical elements of the application for candidates coming straight from an undergraduate institution.

After an initial application review, selected candidates will be invited to respond via a digital interview platform, where applicants will record themselves answering pre-determined questions and then submit for the Admissions Committee review. Following this, candidates may receive an invitation to a live virtual Zoom interview with the Admissions Committee. This is a positive indicator of our interest in you but does not guarantee admission.

The application fee is $125 for all California Davis Business Analytics applicants.

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