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Top 5 Master in Business Analytics Colleges

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Avg. Age

$ 95K

Avg. Cost of Study


Months Duration 

$ 100K

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Why Study Master in Business Analytics ?

The Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA) program is an excellent choice for anyone looking to develop their skills and knowledge in the business world . This post will introduce some of the key benefits of taking an msc business analytics program, helping you to make an informed decision as per your career opportunities about whether it is the right move for you. We will discuss how an master in data can help with areas such as career advancement, artificial intelligence tools , expanding knowledge, and providing networking opportunities. So let’s get started and explore why a master in data sciences and power of ai could be a great choice for your future.

The Master of Science in Corporate Analytics (MSBA) program has been created in response to the increasing demand for qualified individuals who can use data to propel corporate success. The digital age has flooded organisations across all industries with copious amounts of data. Students who complete the MSBA program are given the technical know-how to gather, clean, analyse, and interpret data.

This empowers them to find relevant insights and make data-driven decisions. Students gain skills in statistical analysis, data visualisation, data mining, and programming languages like Python or R through challenging coursework. The program also has a strong emphasis on using analytics in a range of corporate settings, including marketing, finance, supply chain, and operations. This mix of commercial knowledge and technical talents makes MSBA graduates attractive assets.

Top 5 MSBA Programs Ranked by QS World University

1. MIT Sloan

The MIT Sloan Master of Business Analytics program prepares students for employment that use cutting-edge data science and artificial intelligence to address important business challenges in just 12 months. The MSBA program was developed by MIT’s Operations Research Center, an inclusive research centre founded in 1953. It is aimed at professionals looking for career advancement or change as well as those who want to pursue a career in the data science industry. The course satisfies the market’s requirement for graduates who can use data science to address business problems. 


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2.ESSEC Business School

The ESSEC MSBA program is designed to bridge the gap between data science and business by providing students with a comprehensive understanding of data-driven decision-making processes in various industries. The program typically combines courses in data science, analytics, statistics, and business fundamentals to equip students with the necessary skills to analyze data and extract valuable insights for business applications. To ensure hands-on learning, students may engage in real-world projects, case studies, and internships with partner companies or organizations. This allows students to apply their data science skills to real business challenges and gain valuable industry experience. The program is likely to be taught by experienced professors and industry practitioners who are experts in data science and business analytics. They may bring real-world insights and examples into the classroom to enrich the learning experience.


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The Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a dynamic and cutting-edge initiative designed to equip students with the skills needed to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of business analytics. 

This program integrates rigorous academic training with practical, real-world applications, preparing graduates to make data-driven decisions in various business contexts. With a curriculum that encompasses statistical analysis, machine learning, and data management, MSBA at UCLA fosters a collaborative and innovative learning environment. 

Students engage with renowned faculty members and industry experts, gaining valuable insights and hands-on experience. The program not only focuses on technical proficiency but also emphasizes the strategic application of analytics to solve complex business challenges, ensuring that graduates are well-positioned for success in today’s data-driven business landscape.


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4. Imperial College London

Future company executives must have the ability to analyze and interpret big data sets given the rise of new technologies like AI and machine learning. Your ability to perform in a world that is becoming more and more data-driven will be enhanced by your completion of the Imperial College Business School MSBA program. Along with being exposed to several real-world business applications by your career with data, you will gain in-depth knowledge of both predictive and prescriptive analysis. You will also learn how to use big data to enhanc e corporate performance. 

You will gain from specialized knowledge in the study and analysis of data, science, and technology taught within a top-tier university. You will get the specialized skills you need to advance your career or begin working as a business analyst by learning how to write code in programming languages. Get ready to use data to drive company transformation in the future. 


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5.HEC Paris

HEC Paris, a global leader in business education, offers a unique blend of rigorous academic training and practical application. The MSBA curriculum is crafted to empower students with cutting-edge analytical skills, ensuring they graduate ready to navigate the complex landscape of data-driven decision-making. With a focus on experiential learning, collaboration, and exposure to industry experts, our MSBA program prepares students for impactful roles in a data-driven world.


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Skills Needed To Enroll In MSBA

It is advantageous to have a broad range of abilities, including technological know-how, analytical prowess, and business acumen, to succeed in a Master’s in Business Analytics (MSBA) program listed under qs world university rankings . You can considerably improve your MSBA journey for the finest business analytics courses as per rankings 2024 by having the following vital skills:

  • Analytical Skills : Success in corporate analytics requires a solid foundation in analytical thinking, problem-solving, study programme focus and the capacity to draw insightful conclusions from large, complicated datasets.

  • Quantitative Skills : The ability to understand and use a variety of analytical procedures depends on one’s proficiency in mathematics and statistics. You will be more equipped to navigate the quantitative components of business analytics if you comprehend concepts like probability, regression analysis, and data modelling.

  • Coding Abilities : For this master degree, having experience with computer languages like Python, R, or SQL is highly beneficial. It is crucial to have the ability to create code, use data libraries, and deal with statistical software.

  • Data Visualization Abilities : A crucial aspect of being a powerful analyst is the effective conveyance of insights. You can communicate difficult information to both technical and non-technical stakeholders by utilising tools like Tableau or Power BI to produce aesthetically pleasing and educational data visualisations.

  • Business Savvy : It is essential to comprehend business ideas as well as the larger context in which analytics are used. Gaining excellent business acumen enables you to offer data-driven recommendations that promote business performance and match analytical insights with concentrated goals.

  • Communication Skills : In a cooperative business setting, the capacity to convey challenging ideas and insights succinctly and is crucial. When you have good communication abilities, you can technical and non-technical audiences about discoveries.

  • Curiosity and Constant Learning : The world of business analytics is dynamic and always changing due to new trends and innovations. You may stay on the cutting edge of industry advancements and maintain your competitiveness in the job market by developing a curious mentality and a commitment to continuous learning.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that, while having these talents is useful, the top business analytics courses are made to assist you in honing them during the course of your studies. 

Eligibility Criteria: MSBA

International students must check the detailed eligibility criteria before applying to a university in the USA. The common application requirements for international students to pursue a Master in Business Management in the USA are as follows:

Academic Background

A 4-year undergraduate degree or a 3-year equivalent degree in a relevant field of study is traditionally expected by universities in the United States to receive an academic degree. Specifically, these universities prefer that applicants hold a degree in an applicable discipline, typically looked at based on prior education and/or professional experience. In some instances, students may need to complete additional requirements to prove their proficiency in the subject matter, such as through coursework or certification exams.

Minimum GPA

A minimum grade point average of 3.0 to 3.66 out of 4.0 (equivalent to an approximate percentage of 83-92 per cent) is required. This stands as a crucial requirement for admission to some of the most prestigious universities.

GRE or GMAT Score

Admitted students demonstrate an average GRE score of 167 in quants across various universities. The average GMAT score of the admitted applicants ranges between 640 to 750.

English Proficiency Test Score

The minimum TOEFL score required for studies at a Master’s level in Business Analytics in the United States can range from 79 to 105, depending on the university. Applicants from India or even China can also provide scores from tests such as the IELTS, the PTE, Duolingo or other similar tests, which can be accepted instead of the TOEFL score. Therefore, if you have achieved satisfactory scores in any of these other tests, you may be able to gain entry without the TOEFL score.

Statement of Purpose

Most universities in the United States of America demand a comprehensive Statement of Purpose (SOP) from prospective students. This SOP is meant to clearly outline the student’s ambitions and objectives for enrolling in the program in question. Generally, this SOP should be approximately 500 words, however, it is important to double-check the exact word limit for the specific university in question before submitting it. Severalf accounting and other related criteria will be considered in assessing the submitted SOP. Therefore, it is recommended that the student pays utmost attention to detail and highlights all aspects of their aims and aspirations in the most comprehensive manner possible.


A personal essay, which adheres to the word limit stated by a particular university, may be necessary for successful admission. This essay should demonstrate an applicant’s individuality, self-awareness and understanding of the course he or she is trying to get accepted onto. Candidates should be sure to explain their ambitions, and any relevant past experiences and should outline the unique aspects of their applicants that make them desirable to the university. Furthermore, this essay should show an applicant’s ability to express themselves in writing, so it is wise to consider the structure and language used in the essay. Doing so should help to make a strong impression on the admissions board and help convince them that you are the right fit for the university.

Letters of Recommendation

A minimum of one to three Letters of Recommendation (LORs) from academic and/or professional supervisors (if they are available) are required.


Coursework in Computer Programming, and knowledge in various programming languages like C, C++, HTML, Python, Java, and/or others can add value to your application.

Professional Experience

Although some universities in the USA accept students without any prior work experience, students need at least 1-2 years of full-time experience for admission to a Master’s in Business Analytics in the USA. The internship experience is also considered by the universities in the USA.

Program Costs + Living Expenses: MSBA

$ 95,000

Avg. Cost of Study

Pursuing a Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) can indeed offer a wealth of opportunities and open doors to exciting careers in the field of data analytics and business intelligence. However, one aspect that potential applicants often consider is the cost of tuition associated with these programs. The cost of tuition for MSBA programs can vary significantly depending on factors such as the school’s prestige, location, program length, and the resources and facilities it offers.

Here are the tuition fees of the most famous MSBA courses:

  • MIT Sloan:  $112,000

  • Stanford Graduate School of Business:  $105,000

  • UC Berkeley Haas School of Business:  $90,000

  • Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania:  $90,000

Types of Financial Aid Available : MSBA

Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright Scholarship is a renowned international scholarship program sponsored by the U.S. government. It offers opportunities for graduate students, scholars, and professionals from around the world to pursue advanced studies, research, or teaching in the United States. The scholarship covers tuition, living expenses, and travel costs. Fulbright Scholars engage in cross-cultural exchange and contribute to mutual understanding between the United States and other countries.

Chevening Scholarships

The Chevening Scholarships are offered by the UK government to outstanding individuals with leadership potential. These scholarships provide funding for postgraduate studies at various universities in the United Kingdom. Chevening Scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs associated with studying in the UK. Recipients are chosen based on their academic excellence, leadership qualities, and commitment to contributing to their home countries’ development.

INSEAD Merit Scholarships

INSEAD, a prestigious business school with campuses in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, offers merit scholarships to exceptional candidates. This is extremely good news for the students applying for Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master in Management (MiM) programs. These scholarships recognize academic excellence, leadership potential, and extracurricular involvement. They can significantly offset the tuition costs for these programs, making them more accessible to high-achieving students.

ESADE Business School Merit Scholarships

ESADE Business School, located in Spain, provides merit scholarships to students admitted to its Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Master in Management (MiM) programs. These scholarships are awarded to candidates who demonstrate strong academic performance, leadership qualities, and active participation in extracurricular activities. ESADE’s merit scholarships aim to attract and support talented individuals in pursuing their business education goals.

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FAQs about MSBA

MSBA programs are designed for individuals who have an interest in leveraging data analytics to drive business decisions. It is suitable for recent graduates with backgrounds in fields like business, economics, engineering, mathematics, computer science, or related disciplines, as well as professionals looking to enhance their analytical skills.

MSBA graduates are in high demand across industries. They can pursue careers as data analysts, business analysts, data scientists, market researchers, consultants, and more. Industries such as finance, healthcare, marketing, e-commerce, and technology offer numerous opportunities for MSBA professionals.

MSBA programs equip students with skills in data analysis, statistical modeling, data visualization, programming (often using languages like Python or R), machine learning, and problem-solving. Additionally, students develop business acumen to effectively communicate insights to non-technical stakeholders.

Research is essential. Consider factors such as program reputation, faculty expertise, curriculum content, industry connections, internship opportunities, location, and financial aid options. Reading alumni testimonials and checking employment outcomes can also provide valuable insights.

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