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Mannheim MBA Sample Essays

Mannheim MBA Application Essays 2023-24

Mannheim Essay 1: Undertaking an MBA will accelerate and transform your future career path. Why is this the right time for you to join our MBA (max 300 words)

Mannheim MBA Application Essays-1

After a 6-year stint as a full-time entrepreneur and building a company from scratch to a stable business model with 9 employees, 300+ projects and €165K revenue, my growth curve became stagnant. 

In my constant pursuit of personal and professional development, I got an opportunity to spearhead the growth of a bigger company with a larger market cap in Dubai. For the past six months, I have been working as the head of operations of BAM Technical Services, directly reporting to the Managing Director. In this short span, we won a water pipeline project worth 5 million AED from Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. I mainly lead a team of 40 and external subcontractors for this project, while consequently pursuing my company expansion to UAE, making collaborations and associating in 15 projects..

Though I learnt important business and leadership values, the entrepreneur journey was like jumping into the pool and learning to swim. I made mistakes and learned through them. I could point out numerous instances where I would have done better in the first go. In short, I would like to pursue my MBA and traditionally learn the business concepts by attending an international school, which not only equips me with new business skills but also gives me an international network. Hands-on experience on real consulting projects and advanced business tools would help me gain practical understanding of businesses. 

My post-MBA goal is to land a Senior Operations Manager role in companies such as Siemens, Amazon, Peri and get corporate exposure and learn best practices. After working for 5 years and reaching the role of operations director or country operation manager, I plan to rejoin my company as CEO and work towards achieving my long-term vision to establish a multidisciplinary organization and consolidate all my and my family’s businesses under this entity, sell off non-performing assets, and start new businesses or expand the already existing ones.

Apart from the world-class curriculum and international outlook, Mannheim will be a good fit for my goals for its focus on general management, which best suits my diverse profile. With a practical approach to learning, Mannheim provides me an opportunity to relate my experience to business theories and concepts. I am particularly excited about the business master project and Qualitative-Quantitative Research Methods course, which would give me my first hands-on experience on a real consulting project and enhance my decision-making skills. As someone with not much corporate experience, I will also benefit hugely from the optional fifth term in the form of internship.

The startup and entrepreneurship supportive ecosystem is another fascinating thing about Mannheim- home to many great inventions & startups. The NEXT MANNHEIM project along with the New Perspectives in Entrepreneurship course will fine-tune the entrepreneur in me.  I shall also make the most out of the startup and leaders of tomorrow’s network clubs. I could also carry my leadership experience with NGOs such as Salam India, ACCESS (Advanced-Centre-For-Career-Education-And-Social-Service) to the Social Class Project.

With German-engineered products of companies such as Siemens, Bosch, Auma etc. that I am already familiar with in our projects, I prefer Germany for its support for engineering-based businesses. Moreover, the diversity and networking options of Mannheim and Germany as a whole provide, getting immersed in the business culture at the heart of the European economy, will provoke me to think of new ideas and opportunities. I believe all this wonderfully aids the fulfillment of my short-term and long-term goals.

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Mannheim MBA Application Essays-2

My fascination for management began when I started my career as a sales representative four years ago in a manufacturing organization. While working in Sanmar, I administered the West Indian region with a potential business of 200 Million INR and dealt with some of the biggest multinational OEMs and EPCs on power plant and refinery projects. I developed excellent client-facing and project-management skills while dealing and consulting with stakeholders from different geographies. During this time, I got promoted to the corporate leadership program, where I got to work alongside senior executives and lead culturally diverse teams on multiple strategic initiatives for my region, which honed my leadership skills and motivated me to step up to a strategic management role.

This valuable exposure has enabled me to gain knowledge not only in sales but also in planning, production, and finance functions. I am at a point in my career where I can leverage upon my experience and pivot from sales to a career in strategic management. Making such a functional shift requires an in-depth understanding of business fundamentals. An MBA will arm me with deep knowledge of organizational dynamics and strategy implementation and will help develop core skills in analytics and management, with an equal emphasis on real-world practices and academic theory.

Post MBA, I want to pursue a role in account management. Benefiting from my diverse experiences across technical consulting, deep understanding of sales function, and newly equipped management concepts, I’ll be able to deliver actionable, evidence-based solutions efficiently and help organizations be sustainable in the current age of Industry 4.0. In the long term, I want to catapult my experience and global exposure to get into a leadership position in a technology company to drive technological innovations and responsible business practices.

MBS’s structured curriculum focuses on building core competencies and caters to my interests in data analytics, business negotiations, and corporate strategy. I am particularly excited about the Data Sciences for Business course as it will equip me with tools and tackles to amplify my problem-solving ability and substantiate strategic decision-making with objective data-based evidence. In addition, the on-campus Scrum certification program will elevate my understanding of agile team building and hone my leadership skills. Moreover, the placement of Mannheim in the industrial cradle of Europe, where both the innovation and tradition of industry amalgamate, puts me in an advantageous position. 

The aspect that differentiates MBS from other schools and the one that is close to me is the social class project. This assignment will enable me to showcase my experiences as an advisor to a social project back in India. The project will be an opportunity to instill skills such as team building and leadership and forge principles of ethics and governance in my nature.

Integration into the MBS community through network clubs will be a crucial opportunity to engage with diverse stakeholders from different backgrounds and geographies. Along with the brilliant Technology and IT club, I would like to align with the recently founded Leaders of Tomorrow club to get a first-hand understanding from the industry leaders about expectations from future leaders and work on inculcating the same in my character. 

I am confident that MBS’s unique approach towards social responsibilities, focus on leadership, diversity in class, and philosophy of inclusion would allow me to develop a multi-disciplinary creative approach that will provide me with a better framework to achieve my goals.

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