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LBS MBA Introduction


Although Brexit have taken off a lot of sheen from UK B-schools, LBS is still among the schools worth taking a shot at if you want to make a career in the coveted finance capital of Europe. The school attracts an annual incoming class of about 400 MBA students from 59 nationalities who are globally minded by nature.

The full-time program can be completed in as short as 15 months, by taking fewer electives, or as long as 21. Most opt for the full 21-month length of the program largely because they like it so much. The program begins in late August each year with orientation and a leadership module running throughout September. This is followed by three study periods: Autumn Term (October to December), Spring Term (January to March), and Summer Term (April to July).

Good Things

  • LBS apparently sends even higher % of students in consulting world than INSEAD and ofcourse Finance as well with impressive $112K and $105K average  salary figures respectively.
  • Most impressive thing about LBS placements is the high % of students going into Investment banking and Private Equity sectors. Other schools usually clubs corporate finance jobs under the finance tabs to make the sector wise placement statics look impressive.

Things to Consider

  • LBS does not have any student housing options and living in London might cost you a bomb on top of the 88k Euro MBA tuition
  • Apart from consulting Finance and Tech, LBS doesn’t really have much placement in any other sector or Function.
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LBS MBA Winning Sample Essays


LBS MBA Essays: What are your post-MBA goals and how will your prior experience and the London Business School programme contribute towards these? (500 words)

Post-MBA, I want to continue working in the Consulting space, but expand my horizon towards strategic mandates with a broader geographic/industry scope. I will start as a generalist consultant and develop expertise outside of the financial sector. Having almost entirely worked in finance-centric roles, I want to now grow beyond just a financial context—understand the cross-functional nature of decision making and strengthen my holistic business problem-solving ability.

Long-term, after garnering commensurate exposure across industries, verticals and geographies, I aspire to move up the ladder to a C-suite executive at a top-tier strategy consulting firm. Having spoken to Anshul Gupta, CFA (MBA’16), I understand that the LBS MBA’s strong strategy curriculum, experiential learning and active alumni network will ensure an accelerated transition from a finance-centric to a strategic/management consulting role…Continue Reading Here

LBS MBA Essay 2: Is there any other information you believe the Admissions Committee should know about you and your application to London Business School? (500 words)

I want to take this opportunity to highlight how I will immerse myself in the LBS community:

Consulting and Finance Club

With a continued passion for consulting, I will look to contribute actively to the Consulting Club. Leveraging my learnings at KPMG, I will help in training & development of students interested in entering the consulting field. Additionally, I will help organise the Strategy summit by utilising my industry contacts and drawing on my event management experience of similar events at college level.

I will also like to continue my love for finance at LBS. Clearing all levels in the first attempt and holding the CFA charter, I am well-equipped to mentor and guide peers who are looking to make a switch to the finance sector.

Volunteers Club / Net Impact Club / Impact Consulting Club

Blessed with ample resources, I have always felt a strong need to give back to our community. In the last seven years, I have worked with five different organisations/set-ups in the areas of education, women empowerment and community development. Additionally, I took a sabbatical of 1.5 months to work full-time with an India-based NGO, Goonj, to make meaningful and impactful contributions. As part of the LBS Volunteers club, I would like to spread this infectious passion for social impact, join the Ghana Service trek and strive to bring in more local volunteering opportunities for students. Further, I would pursue my interests in social development at the Net Impact Club and Impact Consulting Club by solving challenges faced by social enterprises and sourcing future projects…Continue Reading Here

London Business School MBA Interviews


LBS does the interview slightly differently to most other schools. Everyone at LBS is interviewed by an Alumni – secondly those alumni are ‘paired’ to you, meaning they will try to find one that has a similar background or interests or work experience, and is potentially working in your target exit industry.

This therefore takes a bit of time as they need to ‘profile’ you – then identify an alumni that meets some of your profile – before reaching out to them to confirm they can undertake the interview within the next couple of weeks.

This obviously gives you the best possible opportunity to make an impression as you don’t get landed with someone who doesn’t understand where you came from or where you want to go. It also gives you a great opportunity to really get under the skin of what the school is like from someone in your shoes potentially only a few years before…Continue Reading Here.

LBS MBA Interview Questions – 1

My interview was scheduled with an LBS alumnus.

I was expected to fly to another city as LBS couldn’t find a rep in my current city, fortunately the interviewer managed to get his friend (also LBS alum) do to it in my city, which saved me the 5hrs flight.

The interviewer was pretty high up at a M/B/B. The interview was short as it was scheduled for only 1 hour, had 3 parts:

Questions for me (based on resume, work experience, also behavioral) were:

  • Have I led a team
  • What is the profiles of the people in the team
  • Have I failed in a project?
  • Describe my international experience and cultural sensitivity, etc…Continue Reading Here.
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