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Kira Video Interview Preparation: 5 Tips

Kira Video Interview

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed before a job interview? Irrespective of how much you have prepared for it? It’s always nerve-wracking to put yourself out there and impress potential interviewees. And as we often fail in fetching similar question patterns, it leads to an additional stress. In recent years, several companies have tied up with Kira Video Interview, thus making their interviews completely digital.

Kira Talent is a virtual video platform that offers applicants an opportunity to show off their skills and personality with an automated assessment. 

If you’ve been invited for a Kira Talent video interview, you may feel apprehensive, but we’ve got your back! In this article, we’ll provide tips and strategies to ensure you ace your virtual interview. We’ll also provide sample questions that will help you get started. So, keep on reading!

What Is Kira Talent?

Kira Talent is an innovative platform that uses cutting-edge AI to speed up the application and recruitment processes. The goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of individuals’ abilities, personalities, and overall fit so employers can make better-informed judgments about hiring new employees.

A crucial component of the Kira Talent platform is video interviewing, which allows applicants to demonstrate their interpersonal abilities and personality in a way that is impossible with traditional resumes and applications. The website also offers multiple-choice questions, timed written responses, and facilities for real-time cooperation when assessing applicants.

Numerous businesses and educational institutions have widely used this platform from a range of sectors since it enables quick and efficient candidate evaluation. Kira Talent helps firms make more educated decisions about which applicants to admit or hire, which ultimately improves outcomes for both the candidates and the organizations.

Introduction to Kira Video Interview

If you’ve been invited to do a Kira video interview, congratulations! Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular in today’s hiring process, helping organizations make more informed decisions faster. Kira video interviews are particularly useful as they provide a comprehensive assessment of each candidate by combining artificial intelligence (AI) with the input of multiple panel members.

This article provides an overview of a Kira video interview and how to prepare for it. We’ll also look at some strategies that you can use to ace the interview. So, let’s get started!

How to Prepare for the Kira Video Interview: 5 Tips

You probably already know the fundamentals of interviewing if you’re about to participate in a Kira video interview. But being ready for a video interview can differ greatly from getting ready for a face-to-face one. 

Here are 5 preparation suggestions to help you maximize your interview and leave a positive impression on the interviewer:

  1. Practice: It’s a good idea to practice your responses before the interview, just like an in-person interview. Consider researching typical Kira video interview questions and working on responses that show your knowledge and enthusiasm for the job.
  2. Test Your Tech: Make sure your computer is up-to-date and that you have a reliable internet connection. Also, test your webcam, microphone, speakers, and any other equipment you’ll be using so that there are no issues when it comes time for the actual interview.
  3. Check the Lighting: Ensure that your surrounding is well lit. Moreover, ensure that your environment is professional and free from distractions like pets or children. Avoid background noise and any decorations or furniture that could detract from the interviewer’s attention away from you.
  4. Dress Appropriately: Even though this isn’t an in-person interview, it’s still important to dress respectfully as if it were an in-person one. Be presentable and wear clothing that reflects positively upon yourself when appearing on camera!
  5. Speak Clearly: When speaking to an interviewer during a video call, ensure that your speech is clear and concise by paying attention to how you enunciate each word and how quickly (or slowly) you speak each sentence aloud. 

Strategies to Ace the Interview

So you know what to do to prepare for your Kira video interview—but what strategies can you use to ace it? Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your Kira experience.

Focus on Your Aptitude and Attitude

It’s true that Kira wants you to succeed, and doing well on the Kira assessment is all about showing that your aptitude and attitude align with the organization’s needs and values. Show off your problem-solving skills, as well as your enthusiasm for the position and company.

Prepare for Behavioral Questions

Because the Kira interview is computerized and automated, you may be asked to provide brief answers when responding to behavioral questions. To ensure a great response, prepare for these types of questions before taking your interview.

Demonstrate Your Knowledge

Your response choices should be chosen specifically to demonstrate how knowledgeable you are about the job and company. Make sure that each answer reflects on some aspect of the job description, relating it directly to why you are a great fit for this position.

Take Time to Think

The best thing to do when responding to an open-ended question or a deep-dive situational question is take a few moments before providing an answer. This will show recruiters that you take the time to carefully consider each response before offering up an answer, which can help if they are assessing critical thinking skills.

A Snippet of the Various Questions Kira Talent Refers

The interview questions are chosen randomly and differ from institution to institution. However, here are a few sample questions for your reference: 

Sample Questions

  1. Questions about you in Kira Video Interview: 

    1. What would you say about yourself? 
    2. Is there anything missing from your MBA application about you? Inform us of it.
    3. How do you believe a close friend, spouse, or member of your family would characterize you if you asked them to? 
    4. What is one of your most preferred hobbies, and why do you find it so important? 
    5. What three adjectives would you use to sum up your character?
    6. What is the most essential lesson you have learned throughout your career? 
  1. Behavioral Questions in Kira Video Interview:

    1. How have you changed from how you were five years ago? 
    2. Tell us about a creative concept you helped put into practice. 
    3. Tell us about a moment when you made an effort to pursue something but then abruptly changed your mind. What steps did you take to manage it and make the transition? 
    4. Describe a period when you were dissatisfied with your work performance. How did you respond to it? 
    5. Tell about an instance when a failure helped you achieve achievement. 
    6. Tell us about your greatest accomplishment. 
    7. What is your greatest asset or weakness, and why? 
    8. What was the toughest situation you ever encountered? 
    9. What was the most difficult news you’ve ever had to share? 

Key Takeaways

Once you log in,

  •  On the website, you will find built-in practice questions. As your answers to these practice questions are not sent to the institution, you are free to answer them as many times as you choose. However, they are recorded so that you can review your response and identify any areas where you need to make improvements. 
  • Use this time to familiarize yourself with the platform, make sure your camera and microphone are working properly, and make all the necessary preparations for a successful and easy interview. 

Don’t forget to pay close attention to the way you’re sitting, the ambient noise, the lighting, etc.

Please take note that you can still start practicing with the sample interview questions given above by just recording yourself with your webcam if you wish to prepare well in advance. 

Double-check if everything is correct in the Kira Talent online environment, practice recording video responses on your own, learn to look directly into the camera rather than the screen, check that your appearance reads well on camera, and so on.


It can be frightening to take a Kira video interview at first, but by using the advice in this article, you can feel secure in your looks, your responses, and your understanding of the firm. 

Prepare your responses in advance, practice your interview, dress to impress, and maintain composure, and a positive attitude to make the most of your interview and stand out from the competitors. You may take the required actions to stand out, get the job you want, and follow your career goals with the correct amount of preparation.

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