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IVEY MBA Introduction


Ivey, is consistently considered one of Canada’s top three MBA programs, and the only school to offer a case-based program. It is a strongly consulting focused program, more so even than Rotman, with 36% of students embarking on consulting or corporate strategy careers after graduation. An unusually small program, Ivey takes only about 150 students every year, and has the most competitive average GMAT of Canadian schools, at 670. Ivey was the first Canadian business school to offer an MBA program in 1948 and the first to offer a PhD program in 1961.


  • IVEY is a 1 year program as opposed to the 2 year program at Rotman. Get’s you back to the professional world quicker, hence offers a better ROI vs 2year programs.
  • It’s one of the best programs in Canada for consulting and finance aspirants with almost 31 % class going into consulting and 28% into finance. Rest all is split across industries.
  • 91% placement rate in 3 months post graduation is one fo the best in Canada with an Average salary of $103K.
  • Canada have the most lenient Visa regulation for international students. That’s really positive for those wanting to avoid US immigration laws but make the entry competitive as well.
  • The GMAT average s really low at 670 as well compared to US schools.


  • Canada is quickly becoming a hot destination for Indian MBA aspirants. Ivey class only takes about 15% Indian Candidates for a class size of 150. That literally means 20-25 Indian candidates per class. So if you want to get in make sure you apply at the earliest rounds.
  • Ivey Tuition is $106K for a 1 year program. Rotman’s Tuition is $120K for a 2 year program. So essentially Ivey is charging a lot of premium for getting you back to the professional world early. A shorter program should have been cheaper. So if you are not in a hurry and want to enjoy the full 2 year mba experience with an opportunity to do internship. Rotman might be a better choice at almost similar cost. You can read the complete Rotman Review Here
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IVEY MBA Application Essay Tips


Essay 1 – What are your short-term career plans immediately post-MBA, and why is an Ivey MBA essential to those plans? (250 words)

This essay continues from years past. It reflects Ivey’s continued focus on understanding its applicants’ career objectives and determining how well the school could help these applicants fulfill these objectives. Some applicants make the mistake of assuming that this is a regulation essay that is more of a formality – simply mentioning broad career goals and overall reasons for how Ivey fits in with those will do. Absolutely not! Ivey is particular in ensuring that you are clear about what you wish to achieve, why an MBA is even important to achieve that objective, and why you are choosing Ivey, and not some other school that is similar to Ivey. For international applicants, reasons for applying to Ivey gain even more importance.

To prepare well for this essay, understand in-depth your career plans, and scrutinize, evaluate, and question them. This essay is brief, so it will not call upon you to express that entire detail into the essay, but the understanding helps! Expressing as much as this essay asks in just 250 words will be very difficult otherwise. Similarly, gain an understanding of the program you are applying to – why this program/school? If you are smart, you will also be able to relate the first and the second parts of your answer into a seamless whole, rather than simply listing out common features of the Ivey MBA.

Essay 2 – What is the most important issue that you’ve ever changed your mind about? (250 words)

A completely new, and refreshing essay from Ivey, this one! It replaces the earlier essay topic that used to ask why your Ivey classmates would want to work with you on group projects at Ivey. While that essay is gone, the spirit behind it remains – Ivey values awareness, flexibility, and collaboration. Keep that in mind across the Ivey MBA essays 2017 set.

For this new essay, first focus on the word most. Ivey is not asking you to list simply any example here, but the most powerful, impactful one you have. Further, don’t let the description of changing your mind be trivial (e.g. realizing that hard work matters, or collaboration matters, or others’ opinions matter, as three examples) but deep. Describe the issue, and not just what changed your mind about, but also why. What was the process of introspection that led to this change?

Again, in 250 words, you have a job at hand of making impact with this essay, but with focus and effort, it can certainly be done!

Video Essay –

You will have an opportunity to practice your video essay prior to recording it. You must submit your video essay in KIRA in order to be able to submit your completed application.