THE INDIAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS develops global leaders. It gives an insight on emerging economies and their unique business challenges.

This carefully-crafted one-year programme incorporates practical industry applications with a rigorous, cutting-edge, research-based curriculum. This has transformed several mid-career professionals to global business leaders of today and tomorrow. The PGP is meant to hone your skills and challenge conventional wisdom.

THE ACADEMIC MODEL AT THE INDIAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (ISB) seeks to create global leaders in business and society. A student of the Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) is exposed to a variety of learning methods, be it team-based learning or individual case studies. As a student, you can decide your own academic gradient, based on your work experience, academic background and your appetite for a challenge.


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Round 1: 15 October 2017

Round 2: 05 December 2017

Decision 1: 15 January 2018

Decision 2: 05 March 2018


Essay 1 – 

If we were to admit just one more candidate to the Postgraduate Programme (PGP) at the ISB, why should it be you? (400 words max)

Last year’s essay prompt started out similarly but then guided applicants to share the personal or professional achievement that they were most proud of to earn that coveted seat in the class. This year, the applicant gets to decide what evidence will best persuade the admissions committee of their worthiness. Frankly, your greatest leadership experience or largest impact are most likely still the ideal way to win the adcom’s attention here.

Essay 2 – 

Describe your short and long term career plans. How does the PGP fit in with those? (300 words max)

MBA programs ask this question to make sure that your goals are reasonable: can their program prepare you for them and has your career so far positioned you to achieve them? If the answer to either of these questions is no, then they cannot accept you –  you will simply be unhappy when you graduate – so speak with recent graduates about their recruiting experiences and take the initiative to speak with post-MBA professionals with 10 or more years of experience about longer-term career options. In particular, ISB’s recruiting for the finance function has certainly shriveled over the years – down to just 4% of the class in 2015 – so anyone with a mediocre GMAT score and no experience in this field would best not discuss an aspiration in finance.

Essay 3 – 

Please use this space to provide any other information not covered elsewhere in the application that could significantly impact your candidature at ISB. Note: It is not necessary for you to write this essay. Please use this space only if there is something really significant that you would like us to know.  (200 words max)

It is difficult to believe that 700 words allowed for the required essays is enough to capture who you are and why ISB should admit you. If possible, I recommend using this space to share evidence of your initiative, risk taking, or international experience (bonus points if your story can cover more than one!). And be sure to use all of the characters allowed in the Professional Experience section of the application (since ISB does not even allow a CV upload with your application!): five 100-character lines describing your job responsibilities and – even more important – five 100-character lines describing your initiatives and achievements for each role.




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