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Interview Tips for Johnson Cornell

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The typical Cornell Johnson MBA interview is 30 to 50 minutes long. It can be given by either a second-year student, alumni or an admissions committee member. Expect the interview to be semi-blind, which means that they have seen your resume but probably nothing else. 

Practice sample behavioral interview questions online, identifying a weakness in your application and assessing how you would properly (and positively) address it, reflecting on why you need MBA now and how that fits into your career goals, and thinking about what you can contribute to Johnson.

Most frequently asked question:

1) Tell me about yourself or walk me through your resume.
2) Tell me about a challenging situation at work or a work conflict.
3) Why Johnson?
4) Why get an MBA? Why now?
5) How will you contribute to Johnson?
6) What are your post MBA plans or goals?
7) Describe a time when you managed or lead other people?
8) What are your biggest weakness?
9) Why did you make XYZ transition?
10) What is your leadership style?
11) Have you applied to any other schools? What do they have in common with Johnson?
12) Is there anything else you want me to know?

One of the most important thing that Cornell MBA candidates should remember is to be yourself. The Cornell Johnson MBA Admissions Committee highlights that they are not looking for that “perfect” applicant, they are looking for applicants who have the ability to showcase who they are and are confident and authentic with enthusiasm. Additionally, the characteristics that you should be able to display during various phases of the admission process are the ability to work with others, flexibility, professional maturity and confidence, and the ability to analyze, break down problems and formulate good, innovative solutions.

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