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IMD Assessment Challenges and Assessment Day

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Interviews, group projects, and individual presentations all make up the IMD MBA Assessment Day, when each applicant’s ability is evaluated. Candidates who have the intelligence, character traits, and drive to finish the IMD MBA programme and go on to become global business leaders will be prioritised by the Admissions Committee.

IMD Assessment Challenges and Assessment Day details -

The evaluation day will be at the IMD campus in Lausanne, Switzerland. To be considered for admission, all candidates must either appear in person or present relevant written work and references. The IMD MBA assessment day is designed to give you a taste of campus life and give us a glimpse into who you are as a potential student. The first part of the day consists of an interview, followed by a case study presentation. The final portion of the test is a group project in which you’ll have to work together to find an answer to a business-related challenge. The goal of the IMD MBA assessment day is not to cause undue anxiety or worry. It’s meant to be your chance to stand out and demonstrate your value to the group. IMD wants this day to be enjoyable for its applicants so that they can relax and be themselves, allowing the school to learn more about them.

In contrast to the standard interview format used by most universities, IMD’s assessment days include not only interviews but also plays, discussions, and a wide range of other tasks that are factored into the committee’s final decision. The evaluation day will be done online this year due to the lasting effects of Covid-19. To make this online evaluation as accurate and realistic as possible in place of in-person interviews, the IMD admissions staff has planned a number of campus-based events and initiatives for new candidates.

On the day of the evaluation, hopefuls will meet with a member of the admissions staff for an interview. The interview will focus on your background, professional goals, and motivation for applying to the IMD MBA programme. When it comes to global economic and social progress, IMD investigates avenues that world leaders who value variety and openness might pursue. The IMD MBA ‘Create our Future’ Assessment Trials were developed by the university to foster the expansion of the aforementioned idea of including more diversity in our leaders and to inspire high achievers who may lack the financial means to apply to IMD but have the potential, drive, and enthusiasm to succeed.

IMD MBA Assessments Challenges 

The Institute for Management Development (IMD) also hosts a number of challenges and exams, which are essentially one-day competitions leading to a spot in the IMD MBA class. The IMD MBA admissions committee oversees all challenges and consist of a series of solo and group tasks.

The Struggle of Young Leaders 

An innovative and exciting online event, the IMD MBA Assessment Challenge will have you working in small groups on a variety of assessment tasks. Showcase your ability to think critically, get insight from others, and grow in this setting to impress our admissions committee. The best candidate will be offered a place in the upcoming MBA class as well as CHF 40,000. Those who don’t win will still be able to enrol in the MBA programme.

The Asian Problem

A 24-hour intensive brainstorming session in which you will work with a hand-picked group to address some of the world’s most pressing issues. Those that have the most influence, make the most significant contributions to idea generation, and show the most leadership and greatness potential will be invited to an individual interview and considered for admission to the IMD MBA course. The winner will get a scholarship worth 40,000 Swiss Francs.

You may experience firsthand what it’s like to be an MBA student at IMD. The rigorous evaluation challenge day is an opportunity to not only gain analytical and problem-solving skills, but also to interact with and collaborate with other applicants as you consider novel solutions to pressing societal issues.

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The Problem of Africa and the Middle East

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of an African or Middle Eastern country, this is your chance to compete for a spot in IMD’s international, boutique MBA programme, a personalised and learning exchange adventure that intensifies your entrepreneurial skills and styles you into a conscientious leader. Those that make the most impact, provide the most ideas, and show the most leadership potential will be invited to IMD for an in-person interview and, perhaps, a position in their MBA course. The top applicant will be awarded a 40,000 Swiss Franc scholarship to assist cover college expenses.

The Struggle of Evaluating Female Leaders

By recognising the contributions of women and empowering them to take on leadership roles in business, IMD hopes to strengthen the existing network of women across all of its initiatives. Here are some things to think about if you wish to join in:

  • You’re a woman with at least two years of job experience and you’re between the ages of 24 and 32.
  • You have a track record of success and the will to achieve your full potential.
  • You hope to better equip yourself to deal with the challenging ethical dilemmas of the future.
  • Your goal should be to mature into a leader who is both capable and influential.

The Young Leaders’ Evaluation Round Two

You will be asked to do and overcome similar tasks and challenges in this challenge as you did in the first IMD Young Leaders Assessment Challenge. To wow our admissions committee, now is the moment to show how much you have grown intellectually, how much you have learned from others, and how much you have innovated. IMD is looking for the next generation of influential leaders to join their class. The students at IMD are handpicked from all around the world and represent dedication, maturity, and a global perspective.

The CO-RO Taskforce’s Test

In this online event, you and a small number of other Danes will compete in the IMD MBA CO-RO Challenge for Danes. IMD encourages you to collaborate with others, broaden your perspective, and help us appreciate the special qualities you bring to the course.

The Struggle of Evaluating the Americas

Another continental-scale competition open to North American residents. This, like the other pursuits and challenges, will be stimulating, taxing, and ultimately rewarding. The winning student will get a 40,000 Swiss Franc scholarship.

IMD Assessment Day Overview:

The IMD Assessment Day is a pivotal stage in the application process for the IMD MBA program. It provides applicants with the opportunity to showcase their skills, demonstrate their fit with the program, and interact with the admissions committee and fellow candidates. Understanding the structure and components of the IMD Assessment Day is essential for effectively preparing and maximizing one’s chances of success. Let’s take a closer look at the overview of the IMD Assessment Day:

Structure of the IMD Assessment Day:

The IMD Assessment Day typically consists of several components designed to evaluate candidates’ leadership potential, interpersonal skills, and ability to thrive in a collaborative environment. The structure may vary slightly each year, but common components include:

  • Interviews: Candidates participate in one-on-one or panel interviews, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into their experiences, motivations, and aspirations. These interviews allow the admissions committee to assess a candidate’s fit with the program and evaluate their potential for success.
  • Presentations: Candidates are often required to deliver a presentation on a given topic. This component assesses candidates’ communication skills, ability to articulate ideas effectively, and their capacity to deliver a persuasive and engaging presentation.
  • Group Exercises: Candidates engage in collaborative tasks or simulations with other applicants. These exercises evaluate candidates’ teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and leadership abilities within a group setting.
  • Networking Sessions: Informal networking sessions allow candidates to interact with current students, alumni, and faculty members. This offers an opportunity to learn more about the program, gain insights into the IMD experience, and further assess the fit between the candidate and the school.

Purpose of the IMD Assessment Day:

The IMD Assessment Day serves multiple purposes in the evaluation process for the IMD MBA program:

  • Assessing Leadership Potential: IMD places a strong emphasis on leadership development, and the Assessment Day provides a platform to evaluate candidates’ leadership qualities, including their ability to motivate and influence others, navigate complex situations, and make an impact.
  • Evaluating Interpersonal Skills: Collaboration, teamwork, and effective communication are crucial for success in the IMD MBA program. The Assessment Day allows the admissions committee to assess candidates’ interpersonal skills, including their ability to work well with others, listen actively, and contribute to group discussions.
  • Demonstrating Fit with the Program: The Assessment Day provides an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their fit with the IMD MBA program. It allows them to align their aspirations, career goals, and values with those of the school, highlighting how the program can contribute to their personal and professional growth.
  • Evaluating Overall Potential: The Assessment Day provides a comprehensive evaluation of candidates’ overall potential to thrive in the IMD MBA program. Through interviews, presentations, and group exercises, the admissions committee gains insights into a candidate’s intellectual abilities, communication skills, adaptability, and potential for future success.
  • Understanding the structure and purpose of the IMD Assessment Day is crucial for effective preparation and performance. By recognizing the significance of each component, candidates can focus on highlighting their strengths, addressing areas of improvement, and showcasing their fit with the program. Engaging in thorough research, practicing interview and presentation skills, and cultivating self-awareness are key to making the most of this important stage in the IMD MBA application process.


The IMD Assessment Day presents unique challenges for applicants seeking admission to the IMD MBA program. By understanding and preparing for these challenges, applicants can position themselves for success. Effective time management, collaboration, adaptability, and strong communication skills are key to thriving during the Assessment Day. By implementing the strategies outlined in this blog, candidates can navigate the challenges with confidence, showcase their unique qualities, and increase their chances of securing admission to the IMD MBA program. Good luck in your journey towards a successful Assessment Day experience and a fulfilling MBA career at IMD.


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