The full-time Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP) is an intensive one-year residential programme created specifically for professionals with remarkable track records and 5 to 12 years of work experience in a wide range of industries.  The EPGP provides students with the same solid foundation in key management concepts and disciplines as a two-year MBA, with similar rigor, range of electives, and grading criteria.  A key advantage of the EPGP is that the course work builds on the diverse and extensive work experience of the students.

In today’s volatile and competitive economic environment, companies face an increasing need for skilled mid-level and senior executives who have the vision and potential to attain top leadership positions. While deep functional and operational expertise is a prerequisite for such executives, their success is also contingent on their ability to perceive and analyse a situation from multiple perspectives and take timely and effective action.

IIMB designed the EPGP specifically to prepare such forward-thinking and creative managers – the business leaders of tomorrow who will create value for their organizations as well as for society.


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IIMB EPGP : Statement of Purpose

A society’s culture strongly influences how an individual approaches education and also determines how that society educates its citizens. This applies to the Indian middle class too, where education is considered most potent weapon to improve one’s living status. I too was brought up with the aim that I must study hard if I hope to earn a good livelihood once I grew up. The need of good education was reinforced when my family encountered a financial emergency, leading to a financial crunch and impacting our education. I had to take up a job immediately after finishing graduation, and give up my dream of earning a post-graduate. After more than a decade in the corporate world, I feel it is now the time to give wings to those dreams again and make them true.

Why MBA?

After having spent 11 years in the IT industry in various technical roles, I feel I am pigeon-holed in an overly technical role with limited exposure to the business side of things, and that is restricting my growth. Since I have worked in the IT industry all along, my exposure to other sectors is rather limited, and which I am keen to improve. Thus, before I get into a management role, it would be essential to go through a structured approach for learning right management skills and get a condensed yet wholesome look at different functions within the industry. This provides me the motivation to do an MBA at rather late stage in my career.

A management degree will not only augment my decade-long experience, but it will also provide me with tools to re-enter the industry with new perspectives which I may have been lacking earlier. It would enable me to gain cross-industry and cross-functional perspective from the diverse backgrounds of my peers.


IIMB has been a pioneer in in imparting world-class management education, creating global managers who are adept at handling the globally changing business scenarios. As for EPGP, elective courses such as product management and decision sciences are in line with my goals. Alumni connect programs like ‘Shikshu’ will give me opportunity of experiencing a day in a CEO’s office. The career development services and a rolling placement system are perfect for experienced individuals like me.

Post-MBA Goals?

Post MBA, I see myself working in either senior functional consultant role, a step up from my current role of techno-business analyst, or in business development role to help my employer acquire or retain large customers in best possible manner. In long term, I would like to head a business development division of an IT consulting firm focusing on ABC solutions in XYZ domain. I have been working on this domain for past 6 years, and would like to make use of this experience in bolstering my career.

What will I bring with me?

As a versatile IT professional, I have won several accolades for my performances in diverse roles and my leadership skills. What makes my profile different is unlike most IT professionals serving PPP customers, I have been working for ZZZ customers, and this has helped immensely in shaping up my competencies such as cross cultural communication and ownership of work. With significant international experience to my credit, adaptability in approach to work is another of my strength.

Other than these competencies, I will bring with me a keen enthusiasm to learn new things from other participants who may belong to different industries, different functions and different age groups.

I thank you for the opportunity provided to me and look forward to being a deserving ambassador for EPGP.

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