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IE Spain Business School – Introduction


Little more than a decade ago, in 2002, the school was ranked 35th on The Financial Times’ global MBA list and ninth in Europe behind Italy’s SDA Bocconi, Britain’s Oxford and Cambridge, and Spain’s IESE. Six years later, IE cracked the top ten of the FT ranking, placing eighth worldwide and third in Europe behind only London Business School and INSEAD. Ever since, IE Business School  has ranked as high as sixth and never lower than eighth place worldwide.

The rise can largely be attributed to a highly market-oriented strategy that caught some rivals by surprise. IE doesn’t play by the normal rules of academia. The school’s leadership is entrepreneurial and innovative, pioneering degrees and programs that meet the demands of the marketplace–not of tenured professors who despise change. The school was among the first in the world, for example, to offer an online MBA program.

As an institution founded by entrepreneurs, IE believes that business school should be a place for talented professionals to cultivate the entrepreneurial thinking needed to bring meaningful change to existing companies or new ventures. Therefore, IE offers students the chance to apply for admission to its own internal startup incubator, the Venture Lab, where students have a dedicated space to work and can get academic credit for creating their own businesses.


Good Facts:

– Following the European trends IE as well is also a 12 month short program with no opportunity to Intern. Yesterday we saw Rotterdam was also 12 month program but still gave time for internship.

– 39% Placement in Marketing function, really great. A good break away from consulting again just like we saw in Rotterdam yesterday.

– 25% placement in tech sector, again more than consulting. Should be very appealing for people trying to make a switch from tech jobs to marketing jobs within Tech sector.

Not so good Fatcs:

– Only 15% of batch is Asian, not even Indian. Yesterday we saw Rotterdam with 20% Indians only.

– 9% people found job back in Asia, so it can be safely said out of the 15% Asian, 9% came back to their own country. So not so good opportunities for the Asians.

– 25% intake is Latin American and 25% of people found jobs in Latin America. So clearly the mobility after MBA from IE is not so good.

– Again, only 42% batch found job opportunities in Europe. 35% of intake is anyway european, so only 7% ie.. 38 people out of a batch on 550 we able to change their job location to Europe.

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