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IE Spain Business School – Introduction


Little more than a decade ago, in 2002, the school was ranked 35th on The Financial Times’ global MBA list and ninth in Europe behind Italy’s SDA Bocconi, Britain’s Oxford and Cambridge, and Spain’s IESE. Six years later, IE cracked the top ten of the FT ranking, placing eighth worldwide and third in Europe behind only London Business School and INSEAD. Ever since, IE Business School  has ranked as high as sixth and never lower than eighth place worldwide.

The rise can largely be attributed to a highly market-oriented strategy that caught some rivals by surprise. IE doesn’t play by the normal rules of academia. The school’s leadership is entrepreneurial and innovative, pioneering degrees and programs that meet the demands of the marketplace–not of tenured professors who despise change. The school was among the first in the world, for example, to offer an online MBA program.

As an institution founded by entrepreneurs, IE believes that business school should be a place for talented professionals to cultivate the entrepreneurial thinking needed to bring meaningful change to existing companies or new ventures. Therefore, IE offers students the chance to apply for admission to its own internal startup incubator, the Venture Lab, where students have a dedicated space to work and can get academic credit for creating their own businesses.


Good Facts:

– Following the European trends IE as well is also a 12 month short program with no opportunity to Intern. Yesterday we saw Rotterdam was also 12 month program but still gave time for internship.

– 39% Placement in Marketing function, really great. A good break away from consulting again just like we saw in Rotterdam yesterday.

– 25% placement in tech sector, again more than consulting. Should be very appealing for people trying to make a switch from tech jobs to marketing jobs within Tech sector.

Not so good Fatcs:

– Only 15% of batch is Asian, not even Indian. Yesterday we saw Rotterdam with 20% Indians only.

– 9% people found job back in Asia, so it can be safely said out of the 15% Asian, 9% came back to their own country. So not so good opportunities for the Asians.

– 25% intake is Latin American and 25% of people found jobs in Latin America. So clearly the mobility after MBA from IE is not so good.

– Again, only 42% batch found job opportunities in Europe. 35% of intake is anyway european, so only 7% ie.. 38 people out of a batch on 550 we able to change their job location to Europe.

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IE Spain MBA Sample Essays


IE MBA Essay 1: How do you envision the city of the future?

“We humans are social beings… Whether we like it or not, there is hardly a moment of our lives when we do not benefit from others’ activities. For this reason, it is hardly surprising that most of our happiness arises in the context of our relationships with others.”

– Dalai Lama

As a burgeoning real estate developer, my vision for the city of the future lies in the premise that people are at their best when their social nature is respected and encouraged.

To do this, the city of the future is one that must harness the technologies we use to expand our communication across great distances to inspire closer connections with neighboring individuals and businesses. In my view, the city of the future begins with its buildings – smart buildings that must be multi-functional and sustainable. They should be solar-powered, with green roofs to combat urban heat islands and help filter air pollutants. But most importantly, the buildings should foster communication and interaction between residents – they should offer more than a place to live, but a community as well.

These buildings will create an active community via a mobile application that alerts residents to the activities taking place (and the people participating in them) in the various shred spaces found on each floor – in the cinema, the garden, the fitness room, in meeting rooms and lounges. Residents will engage the community in their favorite hobbies by using the application to create in-house activities they’ll lead, or residents can explore new interests with others. The application will also be geared toward crowdsourcing community support of all kinds – from helping to network young families to babysitters, to ensuring ill residents have food and visitors, to finding the right tools for home repairs…Continue Reading Here

IE Spain MBA Interview


Since I live in Madrid, my interview took place at IE, with a guy of the admission department.

I would split the interview in two parts.

First one: The easiest one: Walk me throught your resume, why an MBA?, why IE?, why now? what are your mid and long term goals?…

Second one: quite weird and pretty difficult from my point of view . What is 99/2? What is the nearest international airport you have to your city? How many wheels are there right now? Then a practical case. The gave me a some info about a company similar to Netflix. This company had some economic and strategic problems…what plan would you do to improve the situation? (they gave me 5 minuts to think about it). Then…he asked me about inflation, and also asked me to tell him the latest economic news I had read.

I guess that, with this part of the interview, they want to see your hability and creativity to face uncommon situations and under pressure.

And finally he asked me to tell him everything I knew about the IMBA program, the three different periods, how long they are…Continue Reading Here

IE Spain MBA Application Essay Tips


This section is important in understanding who you are, not just as a student but also as a person in order to grasp the value that you could add to our program. Take this as an opportunity to showcase your unique attributes and personality. There are three formats you can choose to express yourself: a video (max. 3 minutes), a PowerPoint presentation (max. 10 slides), or a written essay (between 250-650 words). Please pay special attention to punctuation, structure and content.
 What is the most important thing that you would like us to know that is not in your résumé or application?
 Important advice on this Express Yourself section:
  • Remember! It is more about the quality of the work than the quantity.
  • For videos, we recommend to keep it around 2-3 minutes long and for presentations 10 slides or less. For written essays between 250-650 words maximum.

All of this “white space” might be daunting to some, but an easy way to approach this process is to ask oneself a few simple questions. What new and important information about yourself can you introduce to the adcom through this prompt? In terms of organization, are there separate topics to which you would like to devote a few slides each? Or would you prefer to create a sense of progression through a current activity, past experience, “day in the life,” etc.? We’re hesitant to provide too much guidance given the free-form nature of the task; the best advice we can offer is to think about who you are (and how this might be of interest to the IE adcom), consider how you could translate this into words and/or images, and then give it a try. Showing the initial result to someone who knows you well could be a great way to determine the effectiveness of a working draft.

As for medium, the video option and PowerPoint provide opportunities to make a vivid impression through visual communication. It also shows the admissions committee that one is willing to invest the time and effort to create something just for the IE application, underscoring one’s investment in gaining admission to the business school. Applicants whose leisure activities or workplace roles lend themselves well to film or design might do well to consider these options.

All of that said, while taking risks in the admissions process is often worthwhile, you don’t want to step so far out of your comfort zone that you ultimately don’t make a good impression (this seems especially possible for camera-shy applicants attempting the video option).  Candidates choosing to submit an essay will want to use their words wisely to give the reader a sense of who they are and how they would enhance the IE community.

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