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How to stand out in ISB Round 2 application?

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As you begin to work on your Round 2 MBA materials, we have some advice for you: don’t try to be “Joe MBA.”

One of the biggest mistakes we see applicants make is assuming that the surest route to business school admission is playing it safe and doing what “everyone else” does. We hear things like, “Well my friend went to ISB, and he wrote about how he wanted to launch a start-up, so I’m going to say that, too.” Or “My co-worker who got in last year isn’t that different from me, so if she says my materials are fine then I should probably change anything.”

Remember ISB is looking for what makes you unique:

The key to a successful MBA application is showing exactly what you — and nobody else but you — can bring to the program. So please don’t be afraid to let your originality and your true personality come through in your materials.

Here’s an easy way to judge whether or not you’re on the right track: while reading your essays ask if that is all the unique aspects and achievement you have to highlight. Is it a compelling story (not a bullet point list of awards).

Are you coming across as someone who’s interesting, has a lot to share with others, and would be a great addition to any MBA program? Or do you sound like Joe MBA —

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