How to select B-schools to apply for?

Picking the right business school is a complicated. However, here are my top 5 tips:

1. Begin with the statistics:

Statistics such as average GPA, average GMAT, years of experience, acceptance rate and starting salary will give you some good benchmarking data and a better idea of which schools could be potential options for you. Of course, these statistics aren’t the whole picture. However, if the average GMAT for a school is 730 and you have scored a 650, your odds of being successful are somewhat limited.

2. Go broad:

Average candidate applies to at least 5 schools. Make sure that you have some “Aspirational” schools, some “possible” schools and some “safer” schools, especially if you want to ensure an acceptance this year.

3. Look carefully at the curriculum and offerings:

Think about your post-MBA goals carefully and pay attention to whose offerings are the best fit. It is no longer as simple as, “Wharton is great for Finance and Kellogg is great for Marketing.” Not only will this help you determine which programs will be the best fit, but this research will be critical as you work on your application essays.

4. Consider Placements:

Do an in depth analysis of placements and find out if the school have good placements in the sector where you want to go post your MBA. What is the percentage split between the various sectors in terms of function and roles. Do they really have any placement in the roles you want to target?

5. Check Location:

Sure, you can live anywhere after you graduate and companies from all over the world will travel to recruit. But for obvious reasons, it is much easier to recruit at schools closer to your office. Look at which schools your target companies visit for recruitment.

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