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How to REVIEW YOUR ESSAYS before submission:

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Here are some the tips that you can keep in mind while writing an essay for your GMAT application. People tend to spend a lot of time trying doing analytics and working on their verbal abilities that they sometimes tend to forget about a major part of the application i.e.. the Essay. An essay should be something that would give the person analyzing your application about things that aren’t already their in the resume. 

  1. Start with the Big Picture (Top of the Funnel)

At the top of the funnel, you evaluate your essay in the context of the application. Does it add to the reader’s knowledge of you? Does it introduce the reader to a dimension not revealed in the boxes, numbers, and transcripts? If you are submitting more than one essay in your application, do they complement each other?

  1. Then Begin to Narrow Your Focus (Middle of the Funnel)

Going deeper into the funnel, your focus should narrow to the individual essays. Check that each essay has a clear theme and logical structure. Ensure that it addresses the question(s) posed. Finally, look for the specifics that will add life and distinctiveness to your writing and your application.

  1. Move to the Nitty-Gritty (Bottom of the Funnel)

At the narrowest part of the funnel, check writing mechanics: clarity, grammar, style, word usage, spelling, punctuation, and all the nitty-gritty details of writing. You may be a little bleary-eyed at this point and almost unable to view the essay(s) objectively. To restore a little objectivity, put the draft away, preferably for a couple of days; if you don’t have that much time, then at least a couple of hours. When proofing your essay, read it out loud. Doing so will slow you down and allow your ear to catch some of the little errors that your eye may miss.

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