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How to Prepare Effectively for Interviews?

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First, if you received an interview invitation, congrats! But remember, this is the most crucial step and you can’t afford to make mistakes now. It is important to prepare effectively for interviews and here are a few things that you can keep in mind that might help you along the way.

Here are a few general things to keep in mind while preparing for an interview:

  1. Know the school and the culture. Fit is extremely important in the interview process! Be sure that you pay careful attention to each school’s culture, do online research. Showing how you will thrive and add value on campus is key!
  2. Be sure you can clearly articulate your goals. Make sure you can carefully and succinctly explain what you want to accomplish in your career (and of course this should tie with your essays), why this path is exciting to you and how you will succeed. Be prepared to share how you plan to make your mark!
  3. Prepare stories: bullet points work best. Research the most common questions and prepare stories in advance. Focus on you! Don’t focus too much on setting up the situation. Instead, outline the key steps you took and how you excelled! Always keep in mind the skills you want to highlight and tailor the story accordingly. Remember: Situation, Task, Action, Result!
  4. Bring questions! And keep them positive. For many schools, you will get a chance to ask questions and having well thought out questions (beyond what you could have found looking online) shows genuine interest.
  5. Show enthusiasm. This does not need much clarification but be excited and make them feel you really want this to happen. Last thing Smile! Smile! Smile!

Good Luck for your interviews. Don’t forget to like this post for read more about interview tips. If you need help please drop a message on our facebook page or whatsapp us. You can also check out our interview prep services.

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