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HEC Paris MiM Letter of Recommendation Questions

For admission in this course at HEC Paris, 2 completed online reference forms are required at the time of admission. It is required that at least one is filled out by a professor.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to request and collect letters of recommendation from their referees. These letters must be scanned and uploaded in PDF format to the application’s Reference section prior to the deadline date.

Two letters must be uploaded to your application in order to validate the section. A third is optional.

Recommenders should be professors or employers who know the applicant well. However, at least one reference should ideally be academic.

  1. How long and in what capacity have you known the candidate? (No word limit)
  2. If this is a work-related reference, in what position is/was the candidate employed and for how long? (No word limit)
  3. What do you consider to be the candidate’s principal strengths/talents? (No word limit)
  4. What do you consider to be the candidate’s weaknesses or areas that need improvement? (No word limit)

To download the sample letter of recommendation form for HEC Paris Click Here

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