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HEC Paris MIM Interviews


HEC Paris MIM Interviews

If you are called for the interview, it implies that the admission committee is impressed by your profile & essays and, you are just a step away to become an HEC student and be a part of a very diverse and intellectual cohort. HEC Paris MIM interview is targeted to evaluate your confidence, motivation, and career aspirations. It may also test your knowledge on recent global issues, such as the Facebook data breach and Brexit. Hence, it is recommended to read news articles from global journals such as WSJ and FT on a daily basis.

It comprises only one round (usually) and there can be 2 or 3 interviewers, who generally include – the Director of Admissions, a professor or alumni, an admissions committee member. The expected duration of the interview is 20-25 minutes.


HEC Paris MIM Frequently Asked Interview Questions

HEC Interview Questions Are Divided Into 8 Categories.

Profile-Based Questions

  • Tell me something about yourself
  • Is there any particular reason for your low GPA?
  • What was your role at your previous job/ Internship?
  • The work you did on project X seems interesting; can you elaborate on the same?
  • Why do you prefer startups? Name some issues start-ups face

Competency-Based Questions

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • Will you be able to cope with the pressure of a hectic school?
  • If we were to quiz your work colleagues about you, what are we likely to hear?
  • Tell us about a time when you handled a difficult situation between your coworkers?

Exploratory Questions

  • What does your father do?
  • If I give you 30 seconds, what will you say to me?
  • The final thing that you would like to tell about yourself
  • Tell me about yourself in a very summarized way. Like who is Ronald in 2 minutes.

Goal-Based Questions

  • Why not work for a few more years?
  • How do you plan to deal with placement opportunities? Getting a work visa can be tricky.
  • What’s your plan B in case your career plans don’t work out?
  • Which other universities are you applying to? Why?

Current Affairs

  • Any recent news or policy in Europe which concerns you?
  • Tell me about some Business news that has the potential to disrupt markets.
  • What’s your take on the French Presidential Election?
  • What is the most relevant current affair?

Opinion Based Questions

  • Is a democratic government the best? What are your views?
  • Do you think is CSR is important for a company?
  • Do you feel you will be ready to study a new topic without a background in Management?


HEC Paris MIM Interview Questions – 1

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Working in a company which I can imagine is surrounded by my men, how did you manage? What were your challenges? 
  3. What was your work there?
  4. What were your achievements at your workplace?
  5. Your referee wrote about your work in social service. What work did u do there?
  6. Do you think CSR is important for a company?
  7. Anything u want to ask us?


HEC Paris Interview Questions – 2


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