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HEC Paris Introduction


If you’re an MBA applicant, you can add to the list HEC Paris, one of Europe’s finest business schools. If you want a global MBA or hope to some day work in France, the school needs to be at the top of your list.

HEC alums are well placed at the very top of many of France’s most important companies and in the government, and it’s an ideal choice for MBAs who dream of working in luxury marketing. In fact, a dozen of the 40 largest publicly-traded companies in France have an alumnus of HEC Paris as CEO or managing director. Among CEOs of Fortune Global 500 companies, HEC ranks third in the world and first in Europe. That is a powerful alumni network, especially if you are French or pursue a career in France.

Did you know HEC Paris MBA is one of the most selective european MBA program even more than INSEAD and LBS? Also HEC paris provides the best return on investment with an average 152% hike in post MBA Salaries.

Good Things:

  • HEC Paris has been consistently rated as the best B-school by Economist when it comes to ROI on your investment in B-school. With a tuition as low as 64K euros and an average 152% jump in post MBA salary,  HEC Paris should be your default choice if you are looking for ROI.
  • HEC Paris is a 16 month programs with the flexibility to do an internship, something which other short duration programs lack. This is really good for people looking to change industries or sectors.
  • With a 93% success rate and average salary of $ 112K HEC placement stats are better than INSEAD.

Things to Consider:

  • HEC Paris is not located in Paris.
  • HEC is more of an Industry focused school. Not particularly on Consulting or Investment Bankings. However they do send fair amount of students in these domains every year.
  • Just like INSEAD, HEC Paris focuses a lot on international experience and needs you to fill painstaking 8 essays. If you don’t have international exp. Consider wisely.
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