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HEC Montreal Letter of Recommendation

HEC Montreal Letter of Recommendation Questions 2023-2024

  1. What is your professional relationship with the applicant?
  2. What was the duration of the professional relationship?
  3. Please summarize the qualities you believe would contribute to the applicant’s success in the chosen program. Also state any elements or points that may reduce the applicant’s likelihood of success.

HEC Montreal Letter of Recommendation Example – 1

1)Summarise the qualities you believe would contribute to the applicant’s success in the chosen program. Also state any elements or points that may reduce the applicant’s likelihood of success.

Simar’s primary strength is that she takes full ownership of any assigned challenge and delivers even under deadlines. While analyzing a reputed hospital she went beyond our standard operating procedure and highlighted a crucial fact on the case that turned out to be vital for assigning an accurate credit rating while managing the client and regulatory challenges. 

She is also adept in client engagement. Simar was assigned a highly sensitive case in 2017 which our relationship team had almost lost out on. She got the analysis done in half the time we had quoted to the client. The case was also technically complex but after dealing with her, the client came back with very positive feedback about her and is now the largest contributor to the branch’s revenue since the last three years. Because of her abilities and past performance, she has been assigned a highly sensitive portfolio with 95% investment grade ratings. 

Her professional strengths are complemented by her interpersonal skills. Simar is highly cordial with peers, seniors and subordinates alike. She is the go-to person for any technology or software related issues which we face almost on a daily basis. She is usually up to date with all such issues so she can help anyone who approaches her. Besides, she comes to the forefront to help and coordinate all office events and brings the office together for various celebrations.

However, from the way she interacts with her team I have observed that Simar struggles while delegating workload. This was not a major issue in a small team. However, now with a larger team under her, I observe that her own tasks lag while she keeps micromanaging her team. On several occasions I have discussed with her that she needs to divide tasks on the basis of complexity and priority and hand them out to her team. She needs to encourage her team to correct themselves instead of continuous hand holding.

During her appraisal process last year, I learnt that she wishes to pursue a career in investment banking. She has the basic technical knowledge for this role. However, she will need exposure to more diverse and complex instruments, clients and industries to excel at such a role along with a practical learning based program. Through an international MBA she can add these required business and technical skills to her kitty and grow. She has the acumen to do so.

HEC Montreal Letter of Recommendation Example – 2

1)Please summarize the factors you believe would contribute to the applicant’s success in the chosen Program. Also state any factors that may reduce the likelihood of success. 

Sahel has worked for my team for 3 years, in CNRL.  During the three years that Sahel worked for me, I was highly impressed by Sahel strong analytical skills and his commitment to bringing his team together to achieve the common goal. 

For example, within his first month, he was able to independently bring himself up to speed and comprehend our business strategy for managing multi-million dollar contracts with Client XXXX. To me this showed a great sense of task ownership and not only he comprehended it properlu but also through a comprehensive analysis of our model and methods, he identified bidding errors and other gaps, which helped us substantial increase our savings which we were then able to transfer over to client.

Another instance which I would like to highlight is when following a major acquisition of XXXX for Client YYYY, there was a lot of indifference and conflict between old and new staff members which plagued our department and brought down the efficiency to the lowest levels. These conflicts proved counterproductive to the synergies we expected to gain out of the acquisition. In response, as a tema lead Sahel took the initiative to help resolve employees’ differences by using lessons learned and facilitating crucial dialogues. He very reliably and consistently seizes opportunities to influence positive change. He routinely immersed himself in learning aspects of diverse roles within other departments where he often remedied resource scarcity and acted as a bridge to fulfil communication gaps. This project helped my realise Sahel’s great potential as a team player or a leader who can manage and bond his team together to achieve common goals.

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