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HEC Paris MiM Introduction

HEC Paris is a world-leading business school, famous for its top-quality education. HEC Paris provides such a nice atmosphere creating top business leaders. With more than 4,000 students on its campus and one hundred nationalities represented, HEC Paris is proudly a vibrant international ecosystem of connections and innovation. By doing this course of Masters in Management at HEC Paris, you get the chance to acquire strong knowledge in management and grow your leadership skills. You have the chance of developing your expertise in innovation, entrepreneurship and technology.

The M1 Year is comprised of mandatory core courses in business, management and statistics, as well as a wide range of electives. Teaching focuses on real-life cases with strong involvement from world class professors and practitioners. The program provides students with a strategic vision of management that will help them lead a high-level international career. The M2 year is spent in Munich learning about technology, innovation management, and entrepreneurship. The program not only equips students with the necessary skills to recognize the potential of innovations and technological trends in organizations and their implementation in new business processes, but it also enable them to act with an entrepreneurial mindset to define strategies and achieve financial targets.

HEC Paris MiM Rankings

Financial times
Class Profile Summary
Class Size 250
Average GMAT Score 702
Average Work Experience (yrs.) 0-2
Average Age (yrs.) 23
Employment Summary
Average Starting Salary €66,000
Average Bonus
% placed within 3 months 99%
Tuition Fees Summary
Total Tuition € 46,950
Living Cost €1,000
Total Cost € 47,950

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HEC Paris MiM Application Essay Questions & tips

Application essays are your opportunity to tell them more about yourself and detail your interests, values and goals. They are interested in what motivates you, evidence of leadership and team work, why you are looking to pursue a Masters program and what you will bring to HEC Paris. Please respond to the following questions with sincerity and honesty.

  1. Why are you applying to HEC Paris and this program? Please include your career goals in this essay (450 words max)
  2. What is Leadership to you and how do you recognize a great leader? Please include personal example(s). (600 words max)
  3. In recent weeks, what business issue or news topic have you found inspiring? (300 words max)
  4. Anything else you wish to tell us? (Optional ) (1000 characters max)

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