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Tech Scheller Letter of Recommendation Questions

  1. Please provide a brief description of your interaction with the applicant and, if applicable, the applicant’s role in your organization. (50 words)
  2. How does the performance of the applicant compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? (E.g. What are the applicant’s principal strengths?) (Up to 500 words)
  3. Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response. (Up to 500 words)

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Tech Scheller Letter of Recommendation Example – 1

1. Please provide a brief description of your interaction with the applicant and, if applicable, the applicant’s role in your organization. (50 words)

Karthik joined BrightMoney’s Data Science and Analytics team in 2021 as a senior analyst, and has been  reporting directly to me since Nov 2021. He works with the marketing and product teams to generate data driven insights that help us grow our revenue and customer base.

2. How does the performance of the applicant compare to that of other well-qualified individuals in similar roles? (E.g. what are the applicant’s principal strengths?) (500 words)

When Karthik joined us, he was new to the wealth management sector and had limited understanding of marketing practices to US audiences. However, he brought himself to speed with the workings of the company within a short span of time and now is the go to guy for all growth and marketing related projects. 

He is someone who leads and takes complete end-to-end ownership of the projects that he works on. Because of this quality, I rarely require follow ups from him because I trust him to set his own targets and manage stakeholders to get the job done. He doesn’t wait for me to assign him a project and he himself proactively comes forward with new project ideas. One example of this is when Apple brought about its privacy updates. Like many companies that use digital marketing to target customers, we were negatively impacted. He took the initiative to work with the tech team to build a data reporting and tracking solution that enabled us to reach our audience without the need to access their private data. Thanks to his solution, we managed to grow from marketing on two to six channels. He also interacts regularly with our marketing managers and shares detailed reports with insights on how they can target our customers effectively. His ability to independently manage the reporting and analytics for six different marketing channels is a testament to his work ethic and diligence.

Karthik is open to new challenges and never restricts himself to his vertical. Recently, he was part of a fundraising activity that required him to gather data to present to our investors. Without any inhibitions, he interacted with our senior execs and other teams to collect the information. We were able to raise the funds successfully, thanks to his resourcefulness and collaborative spirit. His willingness to be involved in other projects is much appreciated in the organization. He also helps his teammates and responds promptly on the work channel when someone is stuck or struggling with an issue.

Karthik has a knack of breaking a complex problem into simpler parts. Comprehending a problem and presenting it in a way even a novice could understand, is a much needed quality. This is put to good use when he presents data to stakeholders and trains our new joinees.

I regularly interact with his teammates and other business stakeholders. They too share the same admiration and appreciation for him. In conclusion, Karthik’s initiative, drive, and interpersonal skills would make him a worthy addition, whether at a B school or a high-tech company. I firmly believe that an MBA, paired with his innate skills, would make him an excellent business leader.

3. Describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant’s response. (500 words)

When he started with us, Karthik was not efficient at managing multiple stakeholders. He was effective when working with a single stakeholder, but as the number of stakeholders increased his productivity began to decline. I took a few one-on-one sessions to explain to him the importance of stakeholder management, how he could improve himself through effective communication and by setting the right expectations. After taking my advice he started communicating a lot more effectively than he used to. He now creates separate communication channels for every project he works on and uses that channel to share updates and set expectations to ensure that everyone involved is on the same page. He has also improved a lot in the way he manages meetings. He comes prepared and ensures that he listens to everyone and never lets a meeting go past its time limit. I’ve also seen a big improvement in the way he builds consensus when there are opposing ideas in the teams he manages. The results of these changes were evident, in a few months, when he worked on our fundraising and cost optimization projects. Both these required him to work with multiple stakeholders, including teams from finance and data platforms with whom he had no prior interaction. Thanks to his contribution, the fundraising was a hit and we successfully reduced our infrastructure costs by 12%. Karthik was awarded with the Sprint Star award for both these projects, in recognition of his hard work and collaborative spirit. His ability to acknowledge his shortcomings and work on them is commendable and precious. I look forward to his next stage of growth in his career.

Tech Scheller Letter of Recommendation Example – 2

1.Describe your relationship to the applicant. (50 words)

I have known and worked with Ashish since 2017. I am the owner of Saurabh clothing company and Just like Ashish’s company we also manufacture jeans. We often work in partnership with Ashish’s company (Aman Apparels) to fulfill big client orders.

2.Describe any abilities or interpersonal skills which make this applicant effective in the work or academic environment. Provide specific examples where you have observed these skills demonstrated.(500 words)

When Ashish joined the business under his father tutelage, Ashish was very enthusiastic and started a new trend in his company of going out to customers, that is a door to door service for customers to get jeans orders for his company.

People in our line of work or the people that I mostly do business with, don’t go door to door; they would rather sit in their offices or shops to get orders. After Covid the general wholesale jeans market was slow, there were fewer customers in markets due to covid. Going through these tough times, Ashish’s proactiveness to go out and seek business and revenue made him stand out from the competition and helped him secure business even in tough times.

Ashish started to take orders directly from the offices of his customers after the first lockdown ended. He also started marketing in a door to door service format to customers. In this door to door format, Ashish asked his customers about their requirements and according to their requirements, he took the orders directly from them based on word of mouth only. This is a risky way of taking orders and manufacturing jeans because if the customer from which Ashish had taken the order cancels their order the designs of jeans made by Ashish would be stuck in the inventory. 

Through this door to door service, the business started growing nicely and he started bringing in more and more customers. This innovative and proactive approach really helped him grow his own business over the last few years and I admire him for this skill. 

It’s been a pleasure working with Ashish over the last few years and his innovative ways to grow business and work in the business with radical transparency and honesty is amazing.

3.Share any unique characteristics this applicant demonstrates in comparison to other professionals you have encountered. 

One of the things that I love while working with Ashish is his transparency. During covid, everyone in the jeans industry was going through a slump and payments were hard to come by. There was an order of 2000 jeans which was given to me from Ashish’s company in march 2020. When I started making the orders there was a lockdown enforced by the Indian government due to which I was stuck with the inventory.

Due to the Lockdown, there were no orders. I was low on funds, I only had funds that were needed to pay the salary for my staff. I requested Ashish to give some advance for the stock of Aman apparels jeans I had in my production unit. Ashish himself was finding it difficult to pay the salaries of his staff but he conveyed this message to me in a very open and transparent manner and still made an effort to give me the 40% of the amount I requested from him.

Due to the pandemic which was faced by all the world Ashish helped me alot by giving me 40% advance for the stock which was not delivered to him and currently in my stock. This advance payment helped me pay salaries to my staff and complete the order. 

 In our line of work trust is hard to come by, especially in the jeans manufacturing line. My other business partners are also jeans or apparel manufacturers.

Compared to all other business partners and peers I worked with, having someone so transparent and trustworthy always makes life a little easier and doing business a real pleasure. That’s why Ashish is one of the best business peers I can hope for. 

4. Speak to how this applicant’s qualifications or attributes support him/her in participating in a rigorous, team-based environment.

Ashish listens to his team members with an open mind and is eager to learn new things from his employees. He likes to learn about all of her team members. Although most of his employees are older than him, he takes the time to learn new methods from his employees, whether they are any issues with the health of family members or financial issues in the house. He does not hesitate to ask questions, and makes the effort to share and teach the employees skills with the rest of the team. 

5. Briefly describe this applicant’s potential for career advancement.

I have seen Ashish take on the responsibility of managing his family business during the time of a medical emergency in a very short amount of time. He has great enthusiasm towards adding new products, talking to customers, increasing promotion and branding of the company. I believe, managing to take control of the business and help it improve the business day by day while staying true to the culture and values of the business is one of his most significant achievements that I wanted to tell the admission committee.

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