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ESSEC MIM Introduction

The ESSEC MIM Grande Ecole program is one of the oldest and most prestigious Master-in-Management programs in the world. Its objective is to educate the next generation of responsible top leaders. ESSEC MIM Class Profile brings together diverse students with different goals in its portfolio, throughout the studies, students will be able to design their own learning path, become an entrepreneur of their own learning journey, tapping into any of the program’s 47 specialization tracks, offered on ESSEC campuses in Paris, Singapore, and Morocco. Scroll down for further information on ESSEC MIM Average GMAT, ESSEC Mim Class Profile, ESSEC MIM Application process, employment report, ESSEC Mim fees, and more.

The  ESSEC Master in Management program is ranked #4 by the Financial Times in 2017 and combines the best of a prestigious French “Grande Ecole” program with a unique exposure to international experiences with two world-class campuses in both Paris and Singapore. The program duration is a 15-month bi-campus program providing a dual gateway to European and Asian financial markets. Being among the top five schools of management, ESSEC is a wise choice for a MiM. Courses are tailor-made for students’ convenience. Campuses in three different countries mean exposure to a world-class lifestyle. More than 90 partnering networks ensure placements, skyrocketing job growth, and fulfilled degrees.

Along with a great curriculum, ESSEC has a great corporate network as well. The placements of ESSEC Master in Management students speak for themselves with a lot of students being placed in well-paid jobs in France, the UK, Germany & several other countries. ESSEC has by far the strongest apprenticeship program placements, where students work for 3 days at a company and study for 2 days at the school. In return, the company pays the entire tuition fees and also gives a healthy stipend to the student. This is an extremely economical way to finance your studies.

Financial times
Class Profile Summary
Class Size 182
Average GMAT Score 660
Average Work Experience (yrs.) 0-2 years
Average Age (yrs.) 23
Employment Summary
Average Starting Salary € 55,000
Average Bonus
% placed within 6 months 94%
Tuition Fees Summary
Total Tuition € 43,200
Living Cost € 24,000
Total Cost € 67,200

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ESSEC MIM Application Essay Questions

ESSEC MIM course requires one Statement of Purpose (SOP) and 2 essays.

With the help of the Statement of Purpose(a Free format letter) you get a chance to introduce yourself and let them know how and why this program from ESSEC will help you to achieve your career goals.

Essay Questions:

1 – What matters most to you, and why? Tell us the values and experiences that have shaped the person you are (maximum 400 words)

2 – Provide to the Admission Committee any relevant additional information (not already detailed in the rest of your application). (maximum 300 words)

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