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ESMT Berlin MBA Sample Essays

ESMT Berlin MBA Application Essays 2023-24

Essay 1: Describe your specific career aspirations and your reason for pursuing an MBA at ESMT Berlin.

Essay 2:  Failures are rich learning opportunities and help us grow. Tell us about a setback in your life (personal, academic, or professional), your reaction to the setback, and how it changed you.

Essay 3: You can invite one guest for dinner, be they living, dead, fictional, or other. Who would you invite and why?

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ESMT Berlin Winning Sample Essay-1

Working on multiple strategic initiatives as a sales representative in a manufacturing organisation has honed my leadership skills and motivated me to step up to a strategic management role. I am at a point in my career where I can leverage my skills and pivot from sales to strategic account management. Benefiting from my diverse experiences across technical consulting, and deep understanding of sales function, I’ll be able to deliver actionable, evidence-based solutions efficiently and help organisations be sustainable in the current industry. To make the transition, I must master the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the international business environment. 

German excellence and international relevance, sum up why I chose to apply for the MBA programme at the ESMT. The carefully curated program structure with focus on developing different competencies through customizable modules would help me build strong business acumen. I am particularly excited about the Managerial Analytics course as it will equip me with tools and tackles to amplify my problem-solving ability and substantiate strategic decision-making with objective data-based evidence. Furthermore I am impressed by the focus that the school places on developing the individual competencies through pre-program language lessons and summer internships, which would help me stand out of the crowd with confidence.

In conclusion I am confident that ESMTs focus on leadership, diversity in class, philosophy of inclusion, and unique approach towards career development, would allow me to develop a multi-disciplinary creative approach that will provide me with a better framework to achieve my goals

In 2019, I was working on a novel and complex project to manufacture optical fibres in India. I was quick to get involved and after several rounds of discussion we achieved the technical and commercial closure by offering higher discounts.

During the commercial discussion, the customer requested a long credit line and no price change policy for the supply. Though our management was reluctant, I managed to convince them by estimating a good deal of after sales revenues 2 years down the line.

However, I miscalculated the execution timeline and the project commenced 6 months after the order finalisation resulting in higher commodity prices which put further pressure on our margins. Moreover, due to the nature of processes involved there were many post order changes, culminating in rework and loss of productivity of the plant.

I was caught under scrutiny from the management over the failures in execution of the project. Assessing the situation, I decided to go back to the customer and negotiate an upfront spares proposal. The customer agreed to the proposal which increased order value by more than 30% and increased the overall margin due to the sale of loose components.

This project execution taught me the importance of strategic decision making when faced with pressure and adversities. While overcoming the failure I was able to come out as a resilient and a strong executive. This experience made me stronger and patient while handling assignments having complex project charters.

Growing up in a neighbourhood of a Telco employee colony, I have always been influenced by the work of Mr Ratan Tata, the former Chairman of Tata Group. His leadership of the Tata Group forged in principles of employee welfare and set the standards of corporate governance in a profit-driven industrial atmosphere. Inviting him for dinner would be a great honour and an opportunity to learn from his vast experience and knowledge in business and philanthropy.

He has often emphasised the importance of integrity, humility, and long-term thinking in business, and I would love to learn how he has applied these values while driving growth and innovation in a diverse group such as Tata. As I work with senior executives on strategic initiatives in my organisation, his insights on business ethics and how to be a force of positive change without compromising the core values keep me motivated to be a responsible executive. Taking inspiration from his leadership philosophy, I have set my long-term goal of sustainably leading a technologically driven organisation.  

Furthermore, Mr Tata is a vocal advocate of responsible business practices and youngsters’ role in shaping the country’s social structure. Influenced by his work, I decided to contribute to a social project by lending my expertise to streamline the operational framework of the group. While at ESMT, I intend to join the Meraki Club and share my experiences with my peers to motivate them to join the cause.

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