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ESADE MIF Introduction

ESADE MIF Class Profile brings together diverse students with different goals in its portfolio. The ESADE MSc in Finance program is a comprehensive learning experience designed especially for graduates who want to develop their skill sets and basic knowledge in the field of finance. It is considered to be the best MSc in finance program around the globe with an opportunity to receive mentorship from the internationally acclaimed faculty members. The duration of this program is one academic year. ESADE Master in Finance programme is known for building up a solid foundation of knowledge and developing advanced financial management skills by helping graduates analyze the corporate financial decision-making processes, studying financial statements in detail, and diving deep into the world of fintech (financial technology). Scroll down for further information on ESADE MIF Average GMAT, ESADE Mif Class Profile, ESADE MIF Application Process, employment report, ESADE Mif fees, and more.

ESADE MIF Rankings

TFE times
Class Profile Summary
Class Size 160
Average GMAT Score
Average Work Experience (yrs.)
Average Age (yrs.) 22
Employment Summary
Average Starting Salary $93,000
Average Bonus
% placed within 3 months 92%
Tuition Fees Summary
Total Tuition $ 31,100
Living Cost
Total Cost $ 31,100

ESADE MIF Class Profile 2022 (Click Here)

ESADE MIF Employment report 2020 (Download Here)

ESADE MIF Application Deadlines

Deadlines Applications
Round 1  5 Oct 2021
Round 2  23 Nov 2021
Round 3  11 Jan 2022

ESADE Application Essay Tips


Essay 1: What type of person you are and why do you want to join the ESADE MSc in Finance program?

Today there is a growing need for outstanding business leaders who excel in their field and adapt quickly to the changing needs of the market. Companies look to us for future leaders – people whose expertise and entrepreneurial abilities are flexible and suit a variety of leadership roles. Your drive and motivation and the individual qualities that you bring to the table are your best selling points and are what will enrich your team members most.

Please respond openly, explaining what makes you the person that you are and who you will become.

Complete ONE of the following questions to share with the admissions team your global mindset and skills and competencies you consider crucial to master in order to succeed in a diverse environment (personal, academic, and professional career).

Essay 2: Briefly describe your immediate post-MIF career goals (150 words maximum)

  1. Explain your current position and work experience → 2. State your short and long-term goals → 3. Skillsets you have acquired throughout your career so far → 4. Explain what you currently lack to attain your short and long-term goals → 5. Show how a MIF from a school like Berkley Haas can help you bridge the gap in your skills to achieve your short-term goal. 

Start with a strong introductory paragraph on who you are and what are your desired goals for a MIF.

For the main body, start on a strong note, show what skills you already have. B-schools in general prefer to see a strong academic track record, progress in a professional career, client management exposure, leadership, and international experiences. Highlight some of your key achievements with numbers or awards that you may have received. Show your outstanding performance via the promotions or opportunities to lead or international deputation.

After establishing the strengths of your profile, move on to show how the limitations of your current role and skills are hindering your future. Show that an MBA will help you acquire the skills and make help you make career progress or desired transitions. 

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