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Esade Business School – Introduction


The school’s Full-Time MBA is designed to give students the most flexible MBA programme options. While all candidates begin the Full-Time MBA at the same time, the programme allows students to complete their MBA experience in 12, 15 or 18 months.

Since there is no single way of enriching management knowledge, ESADE Business School employs a balanced methodology that combines theory with practice, rather than solely focusing on the case method. The ESADE Business School’s methodology varies according to each subject’s objectives and the skills, attitudes and behavioural patterns to be fostered. Utilizing a balanced methodology, the school’s broad approach ensures students develop solid management foundations to prepare them for complex decision-making processes.

Esade Business School – Review

Good Facts:

– Gives you the flexibility to finish your MBA in 12, 15 or 18 months in which you can also include an Internship if you desire so.

– 34% Placement in Industry and Manufacturing sector. Almost 3 times that on consulting services. So definitely a good school for those who want to move towards general management roles and not crazy about consulting.

– Similarly 28% placement in Management roles and 22% in Marketing roles.

– Student Intake as well is heavily Biased towards Industry and marketing functions.

Not so good Facts:

– Out of 187, 32% of batch is Asian, not even Indian and 20% of people found jobs back in Asia. Only 54% of the batch found jobs back in Europe.

– Again, just like IE, I think the mobility is very less for those who want to make a career in Europe itself.

– Tuition Fees of 64K.

International students comprise 94% of the Class of 2018. The ESADE Business School leverages this diversity by placing teamwork at the core of program activities.

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