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EDHEC Recommendations

EDHEC Letter of Recommendation Questions

1. How long have you known the candidate? In what connection?

2. In your mind, what are the candidate’s most revealing qualities?

3. What are the candidate’s most significant weaknesses?

4. Please comment further on your judgement and add other information you think may be useful.

5. Do you know of any purely emotional factors to be kept in mind regarding the candidate’s effective participation to the master of Business Administration – MBA? If so could you give some instances.

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EDHEC Letter Of Recommendation Example-1

I was an Application development lead in Accenture Solutions Private Limited and was Swarna’s supervisor for 1.5 years. I have seen her professional development from a fresh graduate to a team leader for major releases in production. She was a key member of our project optimization processes which resulted in a 40% reduction in the cost of the project and was highly appreciated by senior management.

Swarna is an ambitious and hardworking person. She sets high standards for herself and always stepped up to take added responsibilities. I remember one major production release, because of a team member’s mistake we had to redeploy and repeat the whole process of 20 hours. She took the initiative to lead the team and worked consistently for 18 hours at office to complete the process. For her commitment and delivery on crucial projects like these, she got appreciated by clients and got promoted with the highest rating because of her hard work and dedication.

One area I believe, Swarna could develop further is people management and dealing with high-pressure situations. She has done a good job of dealing with small teams and interacting across cross-functional teams. I believe she can take bigger responsibilities and she is still in the learning phase when it comes to people management. I believe a reputed MBA program like SDA Bocconi’s would give her enough out of class opportunities to develop her leadership skills even further.

Swarna has a great rapport with everyone in the team and other functional teams. She has successfully organized and anchored many events, e.g. during the IPL cricket tournament, she organized a fantasy league within the project and brought innovative ideas to keep the entire team engaged. These activities have given her good exposure and I have always heard positive feedback about her contributions and spirit in organizing such activities.

She has led multiple teams in the past but I believe a formal business education would help her shape those skills and be at her best while leading a large team or high pressure situations.

I strongly believe, that a Graduate business education would help her develop excellent leadership skills required to lead large cross, functional teams. Further, she would acquire great immersive experience working in diverse teams, experience required to be a successful business manager in any large or small organization.

Apart from experiential skills, she would gain important functional knowledge in marketing, strategy and finance which is very important for her career aspirations.

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