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Who should I ask for a LOR for my MBA application?

Applicants often wonder about selecting the right recommender who can provide detailed insights into their professional achievements and personal qualities.

You could ask for a recommendation letter from the following people:

  • Current Supervisor: Ideally, your current supervisor has directly observed your work ethic, skills, and achievements. They can provide specific examples of your capabilities and leadership potential. 
  • Previous Supervisor: If your current supervisor isn’t ideal (maybe you’re new to the role), consider a previous supervisor who can speak to your growth and accomplishments in a past position.
  • Someone Who Knows You Well Professionally: This could be a client, colleague, or someone you’ve worked closely with on a project. They can highlight your teamwork, communication skills, and impact on the project.

Additional Tips: #

  • Focus on Quality, Not Titles: A strong letter from someone who knows you well is better than a generic letter from a senior person who doesn’t.
  • Consider the School’s Requirements: Some schools might have specific requirements for recommenders. Always check their application guidelines.
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