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What should I do if I feel my response to a question was inadequate?

In a Kira Talent video interview, the ability to re-record your responses depends on the specific program you’re applying to. Some programs allow a limited number of retakes, while others require single-take recordings. Here’s a guide on how to navigate the situation considering both scenarios:

Scenario 1: Where limited retakes are allowed #

  • Evaluate Your Response:  If you have the option to re-record, take a moment to assess your response honestly. Did you address all aspects of the prompt? Was your delivery clear and concise? Did you stay within the time limit? 
  • Identify Areas for Improvement:  Pinpoint what felt inadequate about your initial response. Was it a lack of clarity, insufficient detail, or poor time management?
  • Refine Your Approach:  Based on your evaluation, refine your answer by strengthening your arguments, adding specific examples, or restructuring your delivery for better flow.
  • Re-record Only if Necessary:  Don’t waste retakes on minor stumbles. Use them strategically to improve the quality of your response significantly.

Example #

Prompt: Tell us about a time you faced a challenge and how you overcame it.

  • Initial Response:  “I once faced a challenge when working on a group project. There were disagreements about the approach, and it caused some delays.” (This response lacks detail and doesn’t showcase specific skills.)
  • Improved Response (after Retake): “While working on a group project, we encountered disagreements about the research methodology. I took the initiative to schedule a team meeting to discuss everyone’s concerns. By actively listening and proposing a compromise, we were able to reach a consensus and move forward efficiently.” (This improved response demonstrates leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.)

Scenario 2: Where single-take is allowed #

  • Move on Gracefully:  If the program only allows single-take recordings, accept your response and move on to the next question. Dwelling on a past answer can negatively impact your performance on subsequent questions.
  • Focus on the Present:  Channel your energy into delivering strong responses for the remaining questions.
  • Learn from the Experience: After the interview, reflect on what went wrong with your initial response. Use this as an opportunity to improve your communication skills and prepare for future interviews.

Even in a single-take scenario, maintaining a positive and professional demeanor throughout the interview showcases your composure and adaptability. You can still create a solid overall impression by focusing on the remaining questions and learning from your experience.

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