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What scoring criteria are used in Kira video assessments?

Unfortunately, the exact scoring criteria used in Kira Talent video assessments remain confidential and are not publicly disclosed by Kira Talent itself or by the institutions using the platform. This protects the integrity of the assessment process and prevents applicants from “gaming the system.” 

However, based on insights from admissions experts and general best practices for video interviews, here’s what admissions committees likely evaluate during your Kira video responses:

Communication Skills #

  • Clarity and conciseness in your delivery 
  • Effective use of language and articulation
  • Ability to structure your thoughts and present them logically

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving #

  • How you approach the prompt and analyze the situation
  • Demonstration of your ability to think critically and formulate well-reasoned responses

Soft Skills #

  • Confidence and enthusiasm
  • Leadership potential and teamwork abilities
  • Emotional intelligence and maturity

Authenticity and Fit #

  • Whether your personality and communication style align with the program’s values and culture

Additional Considerations #

  • Time Management:  Ability to deliver clear and concise responses within the allocated timeframe
  • Body Language and Presentation:  Maintaining good posture, eye contact with the camera, and a professional demeanor (while acknowledging the limitations of a video format)

~ Remember, while the specific scoring criteria remain undisclosed, focusing on these aspects will enhance the quality of your Kira video responses and effectively showcase your strengths.

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