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What if my recommender asks me to write my own LOR?

Some recommenders might ask you to write your own recommendation letter for your MBA application. Here’s what to consider:

Potential Benefits #

  • Aids Clarity: Drafting your own letter can help you articulate your strengths and achievements clearly, which your recommender can then use to personalize the letter. 

Drawbacks to Consider #

  • Lack of Objectivity: It’s challenging to write objectively about yourself. Your recommender can provide a more unbiased perspective that highlights your skills.
  • Admissions Committee Concerns: Admissions committees might view a self-written letter with suspicion, questioning its authenticity.
  • Your Personal Touch: While a draft can be helpful, remember that the letter should reflect your unique experiences and insights. Your recommender’s role is to add their perspective and experiences working with you, making you feel involved and responsible.

Alternatives to Explore #

  • Offer a Detailed Outline: Instead of a complete draft, create a detailed outline highlighting key achievements, skills, and contributions relevant to the program. This will help guide your recommender and ensure the letter aligns with your goals.
  • Provide Supporting Materials: Share your resume, transcripts, essays, and program details with your recommender. This equips them with the necessary context to write a compelling letter.
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