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How should my recommender submit the LOR?

The method for submitting recommendation letters can vary depending on the program or position you’re applying for. Here’s a breakdown of the two most common options:

Online Submission:  Many institutions utilize application portals where recommenders can upload their letters directly. This is often the preferred method as it ensures timely submission and eliminates the risk of lost mail. 

Always double-check with the program or position requirements to see if they have a specific online portal for recommendations. 

Physical Mail:  Some programs may still accept recommendation letters submitted via physical mail. In this case, ensure your recommender uses the designated address provided by the institution. It’s crucial to advise your recommender well before application deadlines to allow sufficient time for mailing.

Here are some additional tips for a smooth submission process: #

  • Communicate Clearly:  Provide your recommender with all necessary information, including deadlines, submission methods, and any specific formatting requirements outlined by the program/position.
  • Offer to Help: If the online portal seems complex, offer to walk your recommender through the submission process or provide any technical assistance they might need.
  • Follow-Up:  After the deadline has passed, politely follow up with your recommender to ensure they’ve submitted the letter. This demonstrates your professionalism and attentiveness.

~ By understanding the submission options and maintaining clear communication, you can help ensure your recommendation letters are received on time and contribute positively to your application.

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