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How recent should the recommendation letters be?

There is no strict deadline for recommendation letters. Ideally, they should be as recent as possible to provide the most relevant picture of your qualifications. Here’s a breakdown:

Generally Preferred: Letters written within the past 12-18 months hold the most weight. These recommendations offer a fresh perspective on your current skills and achievements. 

Exceptions Can Exist: If a significant career shift or achievement occurred outside this timeframe, a slightly older letter highlighting that specific accomplishment can still be valuable. However, it’s usually best to prioritize more recent recommendations when possible.

Communicate with Recommenders: It’s crucial to understand the ideal timeframe for your recommendation letters clearly. This can be achieved by discussing it with your recommenders well in advance. Provide them with context about the application deadlines and any specific program requirements.

When Older Letters Are Unavoidable: If you must rely on older letters (e.g., due to career changes or limited recent professional interactions), consider a brief update from your recommender. This update acknowledges your continued growth and highlights any relevant achievements since the original letter was written.

~ Remember, the goal is to present a current and compelling picture of your qualifications. You can ensure your application reflects your most up-to-date strengths by prioritizing recent recommendations and maintaining open communication with your recommenders.

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