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How long does the Kira assessment typically last?

The overall duration of a Kira Talent assessment can vary depending on the specific program you’re applying to. However, here’s a breakdown to give you a general idea:

Overall Length #

  • Generally, Kira Talent interviews last 30 to 60 minutes. This includes time for introductions, instructions, practice questions (if offered), and recording your actual responses.
  • Variations:  Some programs might have shorter or longer assessments depending on the number and complexity of questions used.

Individual Question Length #

  • Video Questions:  The time allotted for recording your video responses typically ranges from 30 seconds to 2 minutes per question. Each question on the Kira platform will display a specific time limit.
  • Text-Based Questions:  The time allowed for written responses can also vary, but it’s generally a few minutes per question.

Additional Considerations #

  • Preparation Time:  Most platforms offer a short time before recording your video response. This time is typically used to review the prompt, organize your thoughts, and plan your answer.
  • Practice Questions:  Some programs might offer optional practice questions before the actual assessment. These can help familiarize yourself with the platform and time your responses.

Always Double-Check #

It’s important to consult the specific instructions provided by the program you’re applying to. They will outline the exact format, number of questions, and expected timeframe for your Kira Talent assessment.

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