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How can I ensure that my LOR stand out?

Tips to make your recommendation letters stand out:

Strategically Select Your Recommenders #

The individuals you choose should have a deep understanding of your professional capabilities and be able to provide detailed insights into your achievements. It’s particularly beneficial if one of them is your current supervisor. Consider someone who has witnessed your leadership skills in action or the impact you’ve made on a specific project. This strategic selection can significantly enhance the quality of your recommendation letters and positively influence the admission committee’s perception of your suitability for the MBA program. 

Provide Context and Goals #

Don’t leave your recommender in the dark. Share your resume, transcripts (if applicable), and details about the MBA program you’re applying to. This helps them tailor the letter to highlight achievements that align with the program’s curriculum and values. 

Emphasize Specific Examples #

Generic praise is easily forgotten. Encourage your recommender to include specific examples that vividly illustrate your skills and accomplishments. Did you lead a project that resulted in significant cost savings for the company? Quantify the results! This showcases your value and potential and makes your achievements more tangible and memorable, thereby increasing the impact of the letter. 

Highlight Soft Skills #

Business schools value well-rounded individuals. Encourage your recommender to mention how you demonstrate soft skills like communication, teamwork, and critical thinking in your work.

Express Enthusiasm for Your Potential #

A letter that expresses the recommender’s confidence in your ability to succeed in the program adds weight to your application.

~ Remember:

  • Maintain Open Communication: Stay in touch with your recommenders and offer any additional information they might need.
  • Proofread and Edit: While not responsible for writing the letter, politely ask your recommender if they’d be open to you proofreading a final draft for typos or grammatical errors.
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