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Can I use the same LOR for multiple MBA programs?

Applying to multiple MBA programs can be a strategic move to increase your chances of admission. But can you simply copy-paste the same recommendation letter for each application? The answer is nuanced. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate effectively:

Pros and Cons of Generic Letters #

  • Convenience:  Reusing a single letter might seem appealing, saving time and effort.
  • Lack of Specificity: Generic letters often lack the personalization and program-specific details that admissions committees value. They might fail to showcase your unique fit for each program.
  • Reduced Impact: Generic letters can come across as impersonal and diminish the recommender’s credibility.

The Art of Strategic Repurposing #

The good news is you can leverage existing recommendation letters while tailoring them for maximum impact. Here’s how:

  • Strong Foundation is Key:  Ensure your initial recommendation letter is well-written and highlights your core strengths and skills relevant to MBA programs in general.
  • Targeted Tweaks:  Work with your recommenders to personalize each letter by adding specific details about the program you’re applying to.
  • Highlight Program Fit: Can your recommender mention aspects of your experience that align with the specific program’s curriculum, values, or research focus areas?
  • Showcase Specific Achievements:  Encourage your recommender to highlight achievements relevant to the program’s unique offerings or specializations.
  • Maintaining Authenticity:  While personalization is crucial, ensure the core message of the letter remains authentic and reflects your recommender’s genuine perspective.

Additional Tips #

  • Communicate Early:  Discuss your plans to apply to multiple programs with your recommender upfront.
  • Offer Resources:  Provide your recommender with program websites, mission statements, or specific details you’d like them to highlight.
  • Proofread Together:  After tailoring the letter, politely ask your recommender to review the final version and ensure they’re comfortable with the edits.

~ Remember #

Strong recommendation letters can significantly influence your application’s success. Personalizing existing letters demonstrates initiative and showcases your fit for each program.

~ Alternatives to Consider #

  • Multiple Recommenders:  If feasible, consider having different recommenders write letters highlighting various aspects of your skills and experiences relevant to specific programs.
  • Program-Specific Letters:  While it requires more effort, some applicants choose to request entirely new recommendation letters tailored to each program’s unique focus.

Ultimately, the best approach depends on your specific situation, the number of programs you’re applying to, and the availability of your recommenders. By strategically repurposing existing letters or exploring alternative options, you can ensure your application showcases your qualifications effectively across multiple MBA programs.

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