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Are practice questions available in the Kira platform before the actual assessment?

Yes, the Kira Talent platform might offer practice questions before the actual assessment, but this depends entirely on the specific program you’re applying to: 

Are practice questions always available? #

  • Program Discretion: The decision to include practice questions lies with the institutions using Kira Talent. Some programs choose to offer them, while others don’t.
  • Limited Scope: Even if practice questions are available, they might not represent the interview questions you’ll encounter. They primarily serve to familiarize you with the platform’s functionalities and recording format.

Benefits of practice questions (if offered) #

  • Platform Familiarity: Practice questions allow you to become comfortable with the Kira interface, navigate the recording process, and understand how time limits work within the platform.
  • Technical Check: You can use this opportunity to ensure your webcam, microphone, and internet connection function correctly before the actual interview.
  • Delivery Rehearsal: Practice questions can be a chance to rehearse your delivery style, timing your responses, and refine your approach to video interviews.

But what if there are no practice questions? #

  • Research Common Questions: Even without practice questions specific to the program, you can find resources online that list common Kira interview questions related to your field or program type. Practice answering these to prepare your communication skills and thought processes.
  • Mock Interviews: Consider conducting mock interviews with a friend or family member. This simulates the interview experience and allows you to receive feedback on your responses and presentation.

Remember always to check the program instructions #

Always double-check the specific instructions provided by the program you’re applying to. They will outline whether practice questions are offered and any additional details about the format of your Kira Talent assessment.

By effectively utilizing practice questions (if available) and taking the initiative to prepare otherwise, you can approach your Kira video interview confidently and with familiarity with the platform.

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